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Press Release: April 10, 2014 / For More Info: Contact Al Gerber (715)945-2981

Exeland Rod & Gun Club states,

DNR deer plan for 2014, a good start.”

The Exeland Rod & Gun Club says the DNR “deer plan” for 2014 is a good start in giving the decimated and struggling deer herd in northern Wisconsin a chance to recover.

Speaking to the Conservation Congress Deer & Elk Committee in Wausau on March 22nd, DNR Big Game Manager, Kevin Wallenfang stated, “No antlerless deer tags will be issued in the Northern Forest Zone for any of the 2014 deer hunts.”

“This was one of our goals,” commented Al Gerber, president of the Exeland Rod & Gun Club, referring to efforts by the organization to eliminate antlerless deer tags for a period of time to give the declining deer herd in northern Wisconsin a chance to recover.

Gerber continued, “In recent years local sportsmen from the northern region watched as the local deer herds began to decline at an alarming rate. After another dismal 9-day gun deer season this past year our club began a campaign asking deer hunters from the area and the DNR for help in restoring order. The response we received was very positive from both. Deer hunters from all over northern Wisconsin asked what they could do to help. The response we received from DNR officials was also very positive. Kevin Wallenfang (DNR Big Game Manager) and Cathy Stepp (DNR Secretary) both acknowledged there was a problem and action would be taken to correct it.”

Mike Paul, a member of the Exeland Rod & Gun Club, added, “Over the past several years there were too many antlerless permits being issued. The SAK system the DNR uses to determine the size of the deer herd wasn’t working. Inaccurate data was being used, at least in the northern region. The predator population in the area also exploded. The winter of 2013 lasted into May and hurt the reproduction of fawns. The winter of 2014 is the worse on record and no doubt will have a big impact on the deer herd’s future. The combination of all of these factors turned out to be the “perfect storm” and it has had a devastating impact on the deer numbers in northern Wisconsin.”

The long and harsh winter that is still lingering in the northern region no doubt played a huge part in the DNR decision to issue zero antlerless permits for this part of the state.

Club member, Norm Rademaker said, “For the past thirty-plus years our organization has kept our own records of the “winter severity index”. The “WSI” system keeps track of the effect cold and snow has on the deer during the winter months. The higher the number is, the worse the impact is on the deer. The highest number that we recorded in previous years was 126. This year it’s over 170 and still counting.”

Daryl Kinnear, a longtime member and former president of the Club stated, “We’re very happy with the response from the DNR and hope we can continue working together on this issue. But this can’t be just a one year band-aid to a bad problem. Our Club and most of the hunters we’ve talked to feel it’ll take at least two or three years of issuing no antlerless tags before the deer numbers have a realistic chance to recover. There also is the predator problem. The DNR has addressed this with increased tags issued for the upcoming bear and wolf seasons. We’re on the right track but we’ll have to review the results carefully each year to see if further action needs to be taken.”


Al Gerber / President – Exeland Rod & Gun club

PO Box 36

Radisson, WI 54867

PHONE #: 715-945-2981 or 715-945-2771


Press Release: January 23, 2014 / For More Info: Contact Al Gerber (715)945-2981




The Exeland Rod & Gun Club, a sportsmen group of a 150 members located in southern Sawyer County, issued a press release two weeks ago to area newspapers in northern Wisconsin with concerns about the declining deer herd in the region. The club stated the main reasons for the much lower deer numbers were the issuing of too many antlerless tags over an extended period of years and the increase of predators. This same news release was also sent to Governor Scott Walker, DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, Natural Resources Board and to the Wisconsin state senators and assembly representatives who represent the citizens residing north of State Highway 8.


Since the news release the club has received an overwhelming number of calls and emails from frustrated and angry hunters who are in full support of the club’s actions. The people who responded to the news article are commending the club for their efforts and are wondering what they can do to help.


“Now is the time for all concerned deer hunters and sportsmen clubs in northern Wisconsin to come to the rescue of our dwindling deer herd.” stated club member Daryl Kinnear, “Our next step is to get the support of other hunters, sportsmen groups, business owners, and politicians from the northern area. Changes must come and they will come if there is support and an all out effort from those who are concerned.”


The Exeland Rod & Gun Club is now asking that other sportsmen clubs and individuals who are concerned about the declining deer herd and the preservation of the sport of deer hunting begin contacting them. The club would like contact people to send them their name or club name, plus mailing address, email address, and phone number so they can start compiling a directory to be used in this effort.


Contact information from those willing to join the coalition can be sent to: Exeland Rod & Gun Club, PO Box 92, Exeland, WI 54835 or email: exelandrodandgunclub.org


Speaking about the responses after the initial news release and the letters that were sent out, Al Gerber, president of the club, stated, “We were happy to receive a memo from Kevin Wallenfang, the state’s big game manager, about our concerns. However, it was disappointing that we never heard anything back from the DNR Secretary or the Natural Resources Board. This makes us wonder if they’re taking our actions seriously.”


Member Norm Rademaker added, “We aren’t going away! The deer herd in northern Wisconsin needs a break so it has a chance to rebound. Our aim is still to eliminate the antlerless deer tags for two years in the region and have more liberal hunts for predators. If we continue to get strong support from the public we’re hoping the DNR will listen and make the changes that are necessary to get a quality deer hunt back in northern Wisconsin.”


For more information or to comment please contact:

P.O. Box 92
Exeland, WI




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