Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Sept. 20, 2015 meeting minutes of the


Dean Dean the Dollar Machine gave his financial report in jive talk fashion: “We be in good shape.” All though the bills are still trickling in, the 2015 Trout Fest profits will be very similar to previous years. At the next meeting Dean will suggest a dollar amount to transfer out of the Fundraising Account and into the General Fund.

Al passed out the 2015 deer regulations booklet and pointed out the new “call-in” deer registration info. This method replaces the old “in-person” registration stations and of particular note is you have to register your deer kills by 5:pm the day after the harvest as opposed to waiting until the close of season.

George Sihsman gave a good report (with a map in living color) of the recently approved ATV trail extension of the I-94 trail to connect the Serley Camp road. The cost will be fully funded by the State and Rusk County and our group may assist the local atv clubs with sign posting or other enhancements.

Contact has been initiated with the DNR, County Hwy Dept, and County Zoning office regards improvements to the Windfall Lake boat landing and beach area. More info to follow as available.

Just wondering: How do snakes have sex?

Jimminey Trout gave his Trout Fest overview and even with the normal number of glitches and hiccups it all went pretty damn good and the profits will carry our club for another year. Our slogan for the year was “The Happiest Trout Ever”. Jimminey had selected that slogan and it was the “Dumbest Slogan Ever”. All in all it was another great success. New member Craig Kinder was selected Trout Fest Rookie of the Year and awarded a gift certificate for (1) free beverage at next year’s Trout Fest work night. Congratulations, Craig.

Question: what animal would you not want to play poker with? Answer: a Cheetah

Scheduled the Hunters Ball for Friday, November 6th with 48 tickets available for members only. Tickets are $50 plus a dish to pass and must be paid in advance. The club approved a budget of $2,000 for the event. Contact Jim at 943-2242 if you want in.

After orchestrating his 23rd successful Trout Fest in a row, Jimminey Trout was loud and boisterous and quite full of himself. Throughout the entire meeting he had been riding the President ass and generally being a pain in the ass. The President took it all in stride and concluded the meeting by telling the following story: It was the coldest winter on record and all the porcupines were freezing to death. To save themselves from extinction they decided to huddle together for warmth. The plan worked and the porkies began to warm up. But each time one porkie moved he poked his neighbor, causing wounds and discomfort. It became unbearable and the group separated. Soon they began to freeze again and were forced to re-unite. They learned to ignore discomfort and pain. The porkies survived and became stronger. The moral of the story: Sometimes you have put up with a prick.