Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Meeting Notice and Newsletter

NOTICE: The next meeting will be Friday, Oct. 7th @ 6:30 to avoid conflict with the Packers / Giants game. Probable agenda items will include:

Post Trout Fest Report

Money Matters

Buck Pool set-ups

Softball Field fencing

Shooting Range improvements

Schedule dock extraction date

November Hunters Ball

Plus other exciting & interesting shit

Newsletter: As there was no meeting in September there are no minutes. Therefore the President will now share his views on Trout Festival and other important topics.

  1. Trout Fest was great again! (2) If gnats had teeth they would rule the world. (3) We can do a better job with the archery contest. (4) Order more Coors, less Old Mil. (5) If a whale falls asleep, will it drown? (6) Lawn Mower racers need bales not barrels. (7) More vodka at the bean bag tourney. (8) The parade has become monstrous! (9) By the end of the week I should have enough mouse pelts to make a fur coat for Andre the Giant. (10) Long lines at the Pancake feed. (11) Flock of geese just went over. Cool noise. (12) More cooks at large pavilion. (13) After sex how does the turtle on the bottom flip back over? (14) If you have a fall Turkey tag, please come and shoot all 7 of the toms in my yard. The smallest one weighs 38 pounds. You may also shoot the bear that’s wrecking my apple trees. (15) Need more softball teams. (16) The last time Jim shot a buck Bill Clinton was president. (17) The Fun Run didn’t look fun. (18) Jeff Potter spent $1.35 million on his float. (19) The parade gave the fire department the recognition they desire. (20) Good bands. (21) Living on Hwy 40 is a bitch. (22) Deer season is only 7 weeks away. (23) And last but not least, Colin Kappernick is still an asshole.

See you at the meeting on FRIDAY, OCT. 7TH !