Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Minutes of the Oct. 13, 2013 Monthly Meeting

Held our first ever Friday night meeting. Why? So we could all watch the Packer game on Sunday. Only 13 members attended. Why? Because our horseshit President forgot to send notices. Why? BECAUSE HE’S A HORSESHIT PRESIDENT! PS- the Packers played like horseshit against the Bengals that Sunday so we can blame our horseshit President for that, too.

Sec/Treas Dean the Bean Counter was absent. He was pretending to be sturgeon fishing while drowning worms and killing a couple 12 packs. No fish were caught and no beer survived. Dean the Bean would not have had a Trout Fest financial report anyway as the bills are still rolling in. At this point it looks like we should see a profit similar to last year, which is a bit disappointing. More is better.

Had a general discussion as to how it all went. On the up side – good weather, great food, huge parade and happy crowds. Had enough workers in most areas when needed and no real major glitches. On the down side – we can always use more help (quite a few members work all day both days without relief and we had a shortage of bartenders at the Sat. night dance) – we have to really look for a major attraction for Sunday afternoon to hold and entertain the crowd from the end of the parade until the drawings at the end of the day. Only had 7 teams in the softball tourney and one of them was ours. Jimmie Trout thinks some teams avoid our tourney because our fences are too deep now that we’ve switched to wooden bats and limited flight balls, effectively eliminating homeruns. J Trout is probably right – we haven’t see a ball hit out of the park for 3 or 4 years. Robert Deach suggested we get walkie-talkies so we can communicate and ask questions like “Whose got the f**king key to the beer trailer!?!”

Also, we voted to buy back the ATV and give the same one away again next year. Gave him the same price as we had originally paid, which was a good deal for him and for us. We’ll store it over the winter and be ready to go in the spring. Also decided to pay $50 to Cameron Civic Club for using their stuff.

In order to enhance the Trout Fest Experience our noble and humble President respectfully submits the following suggestions for change:

  1. Do not have a Queen Contest – just pick one from the crowd. Would eliminate a lot of hassle and we could sell more buttons & tickets ourselves.

  2. Cancel the softball tourney. Construct a stage on the infield and have a “Battle of the Polka Bands” all day Saturday and the Final Four Polka Playoffs on Sunday. Should be a huge draw.

  3. Use the outfield for a petting zoo and livestock shown. Pigs, goats, chickens, beefers and horses. No llamas allowed.

  4. Real money saver for the club – get a DJ and have Saturday night karoke!

  5. Simplify the menu – Corn Dogs only, even at the Pancake Feed and Church Pie Social.

  6. Limit the parade to 12 entrants of which at least 6 have to be fire trucks. To make the parade appear as long as usual, have all entrants go thru town two or three times.

HOPE AND CHANGE FOR 2014!! ( Where have you heard that before?)

Due to the limit number of attendees, we decided to extend sign-up for the archery buck pool to the next meeting, which will be Friday, Oct. 11th. You came come to that meeting with your entry fee or mail it to Exeland Rod & Gun Club Box 92, Exeland, WI 54835 (Mark it “Archery Buck Pool”). Archery season will have already begun so we’re all on the honor system (if you already shot one, big or little, don’t sign up). $5 entry – points plus spread wins.

Scheduled the HUNTERS BALL for Nov. 8th beginning at 6:PM. Limit of 50 tickets at $50 each. The club is kicking in $500 towards prizes plus buying a $500 gun. Contact Jim (943-2242) or come to the next meeting if you want in.

We’ll try it again – Next Meeting – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11TH @ 6:30

Hope to see you there