Exeland Rod and Gun Club

August 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Dean gave the Financial Report and said money is like the tide in the ocean: it rolls in and it rolls out. All of our bills are paid and we’ve still got some bucks in the bank. Hopefully we’ll have a few more bucks after Trout Fest. Projects Report: John graveled the south boat landing and it turned out great. (Though a senile old fart, he does nice work). Dean & Co. are putting the final touches on the ticket booths and will deliver them within a week. (There was some concern that somebody could steal the booths and convert them to ice fishing shacks. However, they weigh 16,000 lbs. so threat of theft is minimal.) Robert moved the gates on the Nature Trail and also installed a roll-up door in front of the big cooler (our beer is now secure!) Mowing schedule: Ron & Bud just finished and Bud commented the sections thru the field needed to have the weeds beat back (Jimmie Trout said he’d attack that issue so keep your women and children indoors until he finishes). Next on the mowing schedule are John and Al. Had some bad news from the DNR regarding future trout planting in our little lake. Probably not going to get anymore from them so we may have to buy some or plant different species (Bluegills, Perch, etc.) A meeting with a DNR water specialist has been set for 2pm Sept 3rd at Windfall Lake to discuss improvement options and to get permission for future maintenance. We’ll see how that goes and report later. Due to the Packers schedule keep your eyes open for future meeting changes: Sept. 20 @ 5:30 (Packers play Seattle @ 7:30); Oct 9th(Friday 6:30)(Packers play St.Louis @ noon Sunday); Dec 11th (Friday @ 6:30)(Packers play Dallas Sunday night).

Next Meeting: Aug. 30th Final Trout Fest prep.

Worknight: Thurs. – Sept. 3rd @ 5:30