Exeland Rod and Gun Club

August 11, 2013

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Okay – so we had a meeting and we had lots of guys there with lots of good input on lots of different topics and made lots of good decisions and I took lots of notes. So what happened ? I lost the fucking notes. I’ll tellin’ you guys – we gotta’ impreach this fool. This report is being done from memory and may not be completely accurate (but kinda’ close). Financial Report – Dean said we ended July with nearly $9,000 in the General Account but spent about half in early August on the roof and ceiling projects. Our coffers are running dry (Impeachment Reason # 2). The Fund Raising Acct balance fluctuates daily with the tide of the Trout Fest sales & expenses. Need more details ? – Ask Dean. Next the Prez ran thru series of reports that covered 2013 Wolf Hunt, Clam Lake elk herd, Deer Trustee Report, Bear hunting, nesting success of grouse, geese, ducks & turkeys, unit quota tags for the 2013 deer season, whether or not earthworms fart and why did the chicken cross the road. Pretty much everyone but the Prez and the bartender had dozed off (Impeachment Reason #3), then the 2013 Trout Fest Queen candidates waltzed in and liven up the members. It was impressive to watch 30 old geezers suck in their guts and puff out their chest when 10 pretty gals lined up front. They introduced themselves and their sponsors and embarrassed us all by reporting how fast they’re selling raffle tickets. Made the 3 tickets I bought seem a little measly. Continued the meeting after the gals left and moved on to a discussion about starting a Trap Shooting night. Decided to begin the Wednesday after Trout Fest, which will be Sept 4th. Kind of an open format, nothing formal, just blast away. Next we had a good, open, productive discussion about how to run the Buck Pools for archery and gun deer season. End result (hope I remember this correctly) was a change to a “points plus spread” scoring format. A “point” was defined as 1 inch or longer and “spread” will be inside. Successful hunters in either pool will need to have the size of their buck verified by another club member. In the event of a tie, the Boone & Crocket system will be used. Called for a vote and no one voted against this change. Then we addressed a pavilion rental request for a wedding in 2014 that also wanted use of the clubhouse. The Prez was instructed to let them know the clubhouse can not be rented. The Prez just remembered he has not done that yet. Impeachment Reason # 4. Packer schedule was last thing on the agenda. Normally we’ve had low meeting attendance on Packer Sundays so we’ll try something different this football season. Initially the Oct & Nov meeting will be on Friday evening. WATCH FOR NOTICES!!



Additional Note: Please return any unsold ATV tickets so they will be available during TroutFest. Please turn in any Cash Raffle Tickets and funds as soon as possible.

Job opportunity: Concession Ticket and Raffle Ticket sellers. No wages, but easy sit down work! Saturday and Sunday afternoon openings! Need to be able to count, but you can kick off your shoes and use your toes if you want.