Exeland Rod and Gun Club



Minutes of the 7-9-17 meeting:  

Pretty much business as usual at this meeting.  Treas. Dean says our cash accounts have been very active with ticket sale money flowing in as Trout Fest draws near and dollars pouring out to pay the bills related to that event.  The storage building interior remodeling project has been put on hold for this year – we’ve run out of time and money.  Our club float has been very busy attending area parades (3 or 4 in July).  Thanks to Jim P for making sure our Queen and Princess are being seen all around, showcasing and promoting the 2017 Trout Festival which is our only fundraiser each year.

Jimmy Trout and all the various event chairpersons have been busy lining things up and finalizing details to make the 25th Trout Festival (Sept. 1st – 2nd – 3rd) another huge success.  Hats off and a big “Thank YOU! to the Queen Contest organizer Janet.  Think of her effort this way- Hayward is the county seat for Sawyer County and they had 4 contestants for their Musky Festival. Ladysmith is the Rusk County seat and they had 4 gals vying for Mardi Gras queen.  Exeland has a population of less than 200 and Janet has 12 girls running plus as many little gals entered in the Princess Pageant.  That will mean well more than 20 sponsors and floats for the parade!  And there’s more!  Janet also has 23 or 24 past Trout Queens attending this year’s coronation.  Great Job!

The new shirts and hats for Trout Fest workers are in and available for pick up.  Those items will be distributed at the club meetings on Aug. 13th and 27th so try to attend. Remember – you need to be signed up on an event work schedule.

The Bruce school 4th grade students sent comments about our May 19th Fishing Expo……. I thought it would be boring but it was really fun……the macaroni was really cheesey……I casted into the hula hoop but it bounced out which sucked…..your rotations were fun……my favorite class was making a spinner bait……thank you for the weird but cool fishing pole……didn’t know planting a tree was so hard……my pole works great & I caught catfish……the fish sandwich tasted great and fit the bun perfectly……fun field trip to your great town……it was more fun than I expected……favorite class as boat safety because I got to demonstrate……nothing can beat a good old Zebro 33!......thank you for being so kind……glad I didn’t have to bring lunch money……going fishing tomorrow afternoon with Grandpa……I had 3 bags of chips……I got an extra bait ha ha ha……it was pretty cold but I had an amazing day and learned a lot.

See You At The Meeting Aug. 13th