Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Minutes of the July 14, 2013 month meeting

Correspondence – last month we received the following letter……”Dad enjoyed being a member of the Club very much. We would like to make a donation on his behalf, to support your efforts to promote hunting and fishing sports. Regards – the Doorn Family. Enclosed was a check in the amount of $250. Butch Doorn was a good man. He’ll be missed.

Got the meeting going with 21 members (still not very good but getting better). Dean reported a General Fund balance of around $8,782 but remember – we are putting a new roof on the clubhouse and a ceiling under the small pavilion so much of that balance is already spent. Essentially – we’re flat ass busted. A successful Trout Fest is a must. Dean the Bean Counter also reported that funds are flowing in and out of the Activity Account due to Trout Fest purchases and sales. We voted to wait until the event is over to have a detail summary provided. Under Old Biz – Jim & Al will take care of mowing on the new Walking Trail. Robert has material ordered for the new roof & ceiling and barring any unforeseen disasters both projects will be completed in August. Norm responded to last month’s concern regarding non-stop solicitations once a fella joins the NRA. Those annoying requests can be stopped by calling 800-672-3888. In the New Biz department Jack reported a countertop needs to be replaced in the large pavilion. We also decided to get a weekly Trap Shooting Night started in mid-September. Moved into Trout Fest stuff and Jimmie Trout plowed thru a laundry list of things that have been done and things that need to be done. Too much detail to cover here so just a few hi-lites – food & beer prices will be raised slightly due to rising costs / reducing the number of portables to keep cost down / once again hiring the Ladysmith Boy Scout Troop as groundskeepers. The new “worker” shirts & hats are in and will be available at the Aug. 11th.

Next Meeting AUGUST 11TH at the Clubhouse @ 6:30