Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

July 12th Minutes

Gonna’ hve to type really fast cuz’ shudda done this last week. Sorry.

Dean says we got lots of bucks & some dough,too. Went thru the trail mowing schedule and Bud is up for this week with Jim on deck. Captain Tippy is next.

Canoe landing not graveled because it’s been too damn wet. Jonny D is monitoring. We gave Rbt a budget of $4o0 to install a roll-up door. Material for the ticket booths has been ordered.

Da’ Prez will be following up on the Windfall Lake project and is also ordering 2 doz shirts & 3 doz hats for Trout Fest.

The meeting was rolling along nicely and Bimbo declared the last time 17 men this smart were all in the same room together they signed the Declaration Of Independence. Then Jimminey Trout took over and that number dropped to 16. Lots & lots of planning already done and plenty more work to do before Labor Day weekend. Congrats to Daryl Kinnear, this year’s Grand Marshall. Discussed the need for more archery targets, bean bag stuff, whiffle ball, etc. The Troutster says “It will be the HAPPIEST Trout Fest ever”.

Next meeting is August 9th @ 6:30. Let’s have a big turnout. Jack the Wiser is preparing a meal and Denny will have the frig stocked. See you there.