Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Minutes of the July 10th meeting of the EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB

Here’s a quick summary of what happened:

We talked a lot and drank a lot.

The End.

During the meeting Dean said we’re still afloat but all the improvement projects we’ve started are draining our cash reserves. We’ll need a successful Trout Fest be solvent again.

A card was passed around signed by all attendees congratulating Max Wolter for being named WCC Fish Biologist of the Year by the WCC. Max is the guy that’s responsible for stocking Trout in Balsam Lake. We want to stay on his good side.

The DNR is proposing to sell 40 acres across from the Little Diamond. We don’t need it or have any money to buy it but if they’d give it to us for free we’d take. Al will check that out but it’s doubtful.

No one showed up to shoot trap but we’ll try to get something started after Trout Fest. May run into conflicts with kids returning to college and Packer games, but we’ll give it a shot. Get it? Trap League – give it a shot? Funny.

Jiminey Trout ran thru a list of events and chairmen for Trout Fest stuff. Early reports are 6, possibly 8 softball teams, no wiffleball tourney, new chairman for the archery shoot, different format for the trout fishing contest and Jack is back in the Chicken Shack! Jim reminded everyone the next regular meeting will be August 14th@ 6:30 and the final Trout Fest planning meeting will be August 28th at the same time. Trout Fest work night is set for Thursday Sept. 1st.

There’s a bunch projects that still need to be tackled prior to Labor Day such as: new bar construction, fan installation, cooler improvements at softball field, drain tile, etc. Gonna’ be a busy August to get it all done. The trail mowing schedule still has some holes to be filled. Al reported the ATV clubs are trying (without much success) to get a legal route into Exeland.

That’s all I got time to type right now. See you at the August 14th meeting.

PS: Congrats to the NFL’s newest (and best)Hall of Famer!

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