Exeland Rod and Gun Club

June 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes


Forgot to do these earlier so this month’s report will be kind’a like diarrhea – quick & dirty.

Dean said we got 121 paid members and money in the bank but we’re spending faster than its coming in so we need a huge Trout Fest. Speaking of Trout Fest – we unanimously selected Nevin Zezza as the 2014 parade Grand Marshall. Excellent choice.

Jimmie Trout ran thru a list of this year’s events and Chairman – we’re hittin’ on all cylinders and should have a success weekend IF the membership steps up and helps. Our biggest fundraiser of the year, its easy beans with enough help and is also a great opportunity to thank the folks that so faithfully support us all year. We need your help.

Jimmie T, John, Al & Bobert walked the Nature Trail and identified sign needs and locations. Al won the woodtick contest, probably because he smells better than those other 3 stooges.

The Natural Resources Board is coming to town August 12th.

Our clubhouse will be used Sept 8th as a training site for Volunteer Safety Instructor re-certification.

The DNR’s deer mortality study revealed the Northern Forest Zone (our area) lost 43% of the fawns, 10% of the adults (23% of the total herd) last winter to starvati0n and predation.

Bunch of projects still in the works – coolers, HR fence, ATV route, range improvements, pavilion bar, etc.

We gifted 2 rod/reel combos to a couple area kids that maybe could use a positive event in their lives right now.

Late Breaking News The DNR contacted us a couple days ago. They would like to co-op a trout stocking project in the Exeland area in a location that has public access. We’ll probably be using the pond west of the shooting range and accessing it via our new nature trail. If the project gets approved, it would involve planting about 2,000 Rainbows (9/10 inch) each spring. Should be a great project for our area.

This mailing will included 4 wheeler tickets. Buy’m – Sell’m – get more! The Trout Fest profits funds of activities and projects. We need every member’s help and cooperation to insure success. The next meeting will be JULY 13th @ 6:30. SEE YOU THERE !!