Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Next Meeting: Sunday – July 9 th @ 6:30

Minutes of the 6-11- 17 meeting

Pretty damn good meeting. Over 20 members present and more than half of them sober.

Dean said we’ve still got a few bucks in the bank. Immediately a cry for “Free Beer!” went up from the bar. Dean assured we don’t have enough for that but more cash is beginning to trickle in with the sale of Trout Fest raffle tickets.

There was a ton of letters from the 4 th grade gals and guys that took part in the annual Fishing Expo. One youngster wrote he was looking forward to coming back next year. His parents might be more proud if he passes 4 th grade rather than receive a 2 nd fishing pole. We had it well staffed and well planned. Thanks to all who helped, especially Bud who was in charge of weather.

Daryl reported a meeting was scheduled in Rusk County regarding ATV use on county forest properties. The out-going administer was on a personal mission to limit use to only marked trails. Not sure what his motivation is but Daryl is rallying the troops to squash that idea.

A new beer cooler has been located for use during Trout Fest and other events. The good news is the unit is big enough to accommodate our needs but so large we’ll have to hire some pros to move and install it. That won’t be cheap. The cost is only $500 but that could double (or more) by the time we get it to town and get it running. We decided to proceed.

What did the Falcon say to the Hawk? Nothing – falcons can’t talk.

Pending Projects – at the July meeting Robert will have a schedule of dates for:

- Installing the chain link fence

- Remodeling & Improvements to the storage building

- Replace bar in the large pavilion

- Sihsman Brother Construction company is rebuilding the parade float with help from

Johnson Sign & Design

The new shirts and hats are now available. They look great! But the cost came in over budget so we’ll need to be selective when passing them out. So - if your name isn’t on a Trout Fest work schedule ………… don’t expect free garments.

Jiminey Trout said plans for the 25 th Trout Festival are falling into place. Couple of notable changes: Jack the Genius is back as our food ordering guru and Gene is lining up the beer supply. Sounds like there will be more than 10 gals in the Queen pageant and the Exeland Association is again handling sending parade notices. Getting softball teams is still an issue but Jeff Gifford may be adding a cash incentive to attract more teams. The bands are all lined up and other events are beginning to fall in place. Jim has a 1,001 details in the works and with lots of help from the rest of us plus some cooperation from the weather, we’ll have another successful festival. Famous Presidential Quote: “ Ask not what Trout Festival can do for you….”

Closing Comments………..

There are 317 squashed frogs on the road between my house and Kemmits bridge……..We still have a few archery targets available for club members. Any left after the July meeting are going into the dumpster………Trout are jumping in Balsam Lake……….Not all 4 letter words are bad.

Think of “Cold Free Beer”………

Have a safe and enjoyable INDEPENDENCE DAY !

See you at the meeting on JULY 9 TH