Exeland Rod and Gun Club

June 10th Meeting Minutes


Dean gave his financial reports and said our noses are still above water, at least for now, but we’re spending money faster than a presidential election candidate. We have lots of projects in the works so the bills are rolling in.

The May 20th Kids Fishing Expo was fantastic. Great weather, well organized, lots of help and a ton of happy 4th graders. Good job by all you members that help.

Jimmie Trout ran thru a list of Trout Fest events and the folks that plan/run/organize each of them. Jim does lots & lots of pre-event planning. He probably desires a free beer but I don’t like him and I don’t buy beer for people I don’t like. End of story. Here’s the events & contact for each event (and I’m probably missing some of them)

Ball Field Concessions: Rod & John Softball Tourney: Dave Roach Bartender Schedule: Bimbo Bean Bag Tourney: Jim Bike Give-a-way: Norm & Dean Bow Shoot: Dale & Korey Button order/sales: Jim Dumpster: Daryl Fishing Contest: Ryan Beer Order: Al Food Order: Rod Cook Schedule: ? Chicken Dinner: Jack & Bud W Horseshoe Tourney: ? ATV Display: John D. Rifle raffle: Norm & Daryl Medallion Hunt: Dean & Rbt. Pancake Feed: Norm & Ron H Parade notices: Exeland Assoc. Parade Line-up: Bud H. & Co. Posters: Jim Running Race: ? Shirts: Al & Jim Volleyball: Carrie Roberts Queen Contest: Janet Gerber Bands: Jim Poker Tourney: Denny Ticket Booth: Pete & Bimbo Cash Mgmt: Dean Weather: Mike Waite Bands/Entertainment: Jim Newspapers Articles: Jim 1,000 other things: Jim

We’ll be going over all this stuff in more detail at the next meeting – Sunday, July 10th @ 6:30.

Best Quote ever: Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. – Ben Franklin

Notice Trap shooting Sunday, July 10th at 5:30 (before meeting @ 6:30). Club will buy the birds and bullets. We’ll be organizing a trap league if there’s enough interest.

Ron Huber is looking for volunteers to fill a few gaps in trail mowing schedule. Contact him if you can help out.

The I-94 atv trail extension is a go for later this summer. George Sishmann and Bill Sly are working together and will let the club know where/when/what we can help with.

Depending on funds availability after Trout Fest we may be constructing a safety fence on top of the shooting range berm.

Worst Invention ever: un-sliced hot dog buns

The meeting was now deep into its second hour and I was most of the way the thru my second 6 pack so details are sketchy on the couple items. There was discussions on Bouncey Houses and something to do with electricity but I have no clue. Also discussed Windfall Lake high water level and beach cleanup but those items may not be related. Again, no clue.

Dean said he’d be mailing notices and tickets to all members this month. 3 Step Process: Sell; Buy; Repeat. Seriously, with the all the extra projects this year we will need a very successful Trout Fest to fund our club events.

See you Sunday July 10th. Trap Shooting @5:30. Meeting @ 6:30.

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