Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Minutes from meeting on June 10, 2012.……….10 members present at meeting

Next meeting will be on July 8, 2012 6:30p.m.

***Club Clean-Up Night June 18, 2012 5:00

Meeting was called to order and conducted by Pres. Daryl Kinnear

Secretary Report: In Nevin's absence, minutes will be prepared by Dean

Motion made and seconded to accept previous month minutes- >Passed

Treasurer report……Dean…Account balances reviewed and accepted

Motion made and seconded to accept- >Passed

Conservation………Al….Wolf Management meeting @ Spooner last Noc. Season will begin10-15 thru February – Drawing for kill tag - ½ on random drawing and the rest on points. All methods of hunting of are acceptable-- rifle/trap/bow etc. - State is divided by zones.

Legislative report……Norm……….deferred

Old Business: Boat landing-- Dennis/Vicki Lemke are the owners-- Al has contacted and will continue negotiations. The permit will need to be obtained from the DNR.

Bleachers for softball field: deferred until after clean-up night

Grounds clean-up night: June 18-2012 5:00 p.m. - Grounds maintenance and update plan will be finalized that night.

Walking path-- Al will be attending both town meetings tomorrow night

New Business:

Senior citizen game feed to be organized next meeting.

Trout Fest Update-

Queen Contest→Janet Gerber

Volleyball→Janet Gerber

Bow Shoot→Dale Thonpson-Korey Fischer

Medallion Hunt→Dean Johnson

Horse Shoes→

Toilets→Denny Kopras

Dumpsters→ Daryl Kinnear

Beverage-Al Gerber→ beer,ice

Water,Pop-→Mike Paul

Vendors → Jim Gerber

Food-→Jack Weisser

Street Dance→Mike Paul

Club Float→Bud Hover

Fishing Contest→Jim Gerber

Clean Up→Boy Scouts Nevin?

Bike Give Away→Norm?

Pancake Feed→Norm?

Saturday Event→Jim

Kid's Carnival→ Jim Gerber

Web Site → Dean Johnson

Running Race→Celina Cooper

Wiffle Ball Tourney→ Curt Gerber

Softball Tourney→Tom Gifford