Exeland Rod and Gun Club



MINUTES of June 9, 2013 MEETING

Due to a bumper crop this year, Club Sec/Treas Decimal Dean was in Columbus, Ohio at a Dandelion Wine Making Convention so financial details are sketchy, though he does report that adding rose buds during the fermentation process will slightly alter the flavor of his Dandelion Home Brew. Now it tastes only mostly like piss instead of completely like piss.

Dean had paid our insurance provider $630 for the following coverage’s: $75,000 Clubhouse; $50,000 Pavilion; $17,000 Concession/Storage bldg: $10,000 Old Clubhouse.

Approved putting a steel roof on the clubhouse (w/new entryway) and a tin ceiling under the small pavilion. The costs are* $5,000 and *$1,200 respectively and Robert Deach will be doing the work, to be completed prior to Trout Fest. Also approved participating with the Exeland Assoc in the cost of installing a permanent memorial in honor of Sonny Shimko.

*Note: Our new club president has been in office less than 6 months. When he took over we had over $20,000 in the bank. Already that’s been cut in half. We gotta’ get rid of him!

Jimmie Trout went thru a ton of Trout Fest stuff. The numerous parts are falling in place slowly this year (example: still no Softball Tourney Chr.) Mr. Trout is bustin’ his balls and the rest of us need to step up and pitch in. Remember- a successful Trout Fest provides funds to our organization for an entire year. The next 2 meeting (July & August) are critical.

Personals: Our buddy Nevin is still on the mend. Drop him a card when you get a chance. Also, next time you drive by the softball field notice the fine trim job along the fence lines and under the player benches done by Mary Johnson. To say “thanks” give her a call or visit her website: Windfall Weed Wacka Wacka . com.

Man Hugs: Who the hell invented that!? Why is it now necessary to go nipple to nipple with your buddies when greeting them? My dad and my uncle got by for 80 years with a firm hand shake, a hearty slap on the back and an honest “good to see ya”. So, the next time you feel the need to rub nipples with your fellow man, pick a target other than me. I ain’t playin’.




Enclosed are three (3) packets of TroutFest ATV tickets and a pre-addressed stamped envelope. The tickets are $5.00 for a single ticket or $10.00 for a packet of three. Please ask, harangue, arm-twist, blackmail, or use any under-handed means at your disposal to sell these tickets to family, friends, neighbors, strangers. (As our fearless leader noted, “We need need to replenish our bank account!”)

Please return completed ticket stubs and money (checks payable to Exeland Rod and Gun Club) by August 15, 2013. Unsold tickets can be returned in the envelope too, but we don't want that to happen! {8-)

If you want or need more tickets you can email Exelandrodandgun@gmail.com or drop a note to

Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Box 92

Exeland, Wisconsin 54835

BTW....Norm Rademaker has the gun raffle tickets (Savage 111 – Nice) and is well on his way to selling out... make sure to contact Norm for Gun Raffle tickets.

P.S. I have a few $100.00 cash raffle tickets left. If you are interested, contact me at the addresses above or give me a call – Thanks

Dean Johnson