Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Minutes from meeting on May 20, 2012.……….19 members present at meeting

Next meeting will be on June 10

Meeting was called to order and conducted by Pres. Daryl Kinnear

Secretary Report: In Nevin's absence, minutes will be prepared by Dean

Motion made and seconded to accept previous month minutes- >Passed

Treasurer report……Dean…Account balances reviewed and accepted

Motion made and seconded to accept- >Passed


1- Spring Hearing report – Of Note-> Q&A with Gov Walker – willing to listen to suggestions for streamlining rule making system.

2- 'Deer Doctor'. report due 7-1-2012 will be presented directly to governor.

3- No mention of expanding CWD precautions (eg bait bans etc) into Sawyer County at this time

Legislative report……Norm……….


Old Business:

R&G Club Projects:

1-Boat Landing- Al is continuing to investigate the landowner(s) of the properties involved to establish a landing near Litke Drive Bridge Access. Will check with Hayward courthouse.

2-Walking Trail- Al and Bob B. investigated walking trail (~1 – 1.5 mile) – estimated cost ~ $2200.00 for clearing work and gates. Trail will improve access to Archery Trail so 4x4vehicles could be used to move equipment etc.- Will extend around dump/lake. Tentatively will require approval of village & town before a final construction plan can be finalized.

Motion made and seconded to allot $2500.00 for the construction of the walking trail pending approvals of the village/town for access.

3-Swan Creek Bridge-Al is still investigating will return at later date with more complete information.

4-Motion made & seconded to acquire a load of black dirt for the softball field. Jim will return next meeting with report on 'dugout' maintenance and player benches.

New Business:

Trout Fest:

Financial Chairman – Dean

Tickets – Dean

4x4 purchase - John

2nd & 3rd prizes Canoes from Denny Thorhaug – Jim Gerber will contact – Dean will apply decals

Bikes- Jim will contact

Henry Rifle-Jim

Buttons – Jim

Shirts- Al and Jim

Bands are reserved – Jim (Porch Dogs - Saturday-$500, Time and a Half Band – Saturday nite $1400, Gators $400 – Sunday)

Parade- Exeland Association will send out notices

Grand Marshal(s)- Motion made and seconded to select Mr. & Mrs. Denny Thorhaug – Passed unanimously

Paving Estimate from Monarch-- Tabled

Bruce American Legion Post 268 sponsoring baseball tournament. Motion made to donate $500 to American Legion Post 268of Bruce for baseball tournament/activities.

FYI- July 1st must have license plate on back of ATV—Make your own (or the SignShop in Ladysmith will make one) – use number on registration card. Rusk County ATV trail is now open.

Raffle Winner-Daryl

Thank You → Dean