Exeland Rod and Gun Club

May 15, 2014 Meeting Minutes


Best meeting the year so far. Why? Jimmie Trout) was absent, that’s why! Plus we welcomed a new member, Bill Sly, who happens to be the mayor of Yarnell.

Good attendance and got a lot of clean-up done in preparation for the May 16th Kids Fishing Expo. That event went off without a hitch for two reasons – (1) Robert & Jack were very well prepared and (2) neither Jim or Al were there. Thanks to all the members (20+) that helped make this another huge success.

Approved couple donations: $250 to the village for lawn mowing and $200 to Carter Chafer, who made the roster of a traveling baseball team that will be touring this summer.

Had a discussion about how we can help the Radisson/Exeland ATV club secure a route into Exeland. Right now the trail dead ends in Weirgor with no access to the village. We’ll try to contact private landowners to see if anything can be done.

Cooler(s) update was on the docket next. Another unit may be available (3 glass door walk-in). We’ll need to get moving on this as Trout Fest will be here sooner than we think. The Prez promised fast action. Good reason to have doubt.

Doc Earnhart had attended a shooting range seminar sponsored by the DNR and will bring us more info as it becomes available.

The Prez was all hot and bother that Trout Fest Work Night would be the same as the Packer/Seahawk Thursday night game. Dean let the Prez mumble and babble for awhile than informed him that Trout Fest would be over on Sept 1st and the Packers game was Sept 4th. The Prez quickly moved along.

The entire Natural Resource Board will be in Sawyer County in mid-August and Warden Dave Zebro asked if our club would want to host them for some sort of cross-bow demonstration. It would be an excellent opportunity to showcase our facility. More details to follow.

Had a long discussion on tap beer vs canned beer for Trout Fest. Decided to stay with cans, then had an even longer discussion about prices and tickets. Still wrangling on that issue.

In a show of community spirit and pride, approved spending up to $250 to purchase 2 soccer goals/nets to be placed in the softball outfield. Should see lots of use.

Last item on the agenda was club jackets, shirts & caps. The Prez had price info from a source in Hayward but we’ll first see what a local gal has available.

Next meeting will be Sunday June 8th at 6:30. Lots of important issues and decisions to be covered. Good Group – Good Time – See ya’ there.