Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

Meeting Notice / Newsletter

Next Meeting: Friday, June 10th @ 6:30pm

Abbreviated edition: every time it stops raining I have to mow grass so not much time to type more

5-13-16 meeting notes: Dollar Dean says were in good shape in both accounts (for now) but some heavy expenses/improvement projects need to be addressed (more on that later).

Kids Fishing Expo all set for Friday, May 20th with setup the night before. With decent weather should go off without a hitch.

Jim ran thru some preliminary Trout Fest stuff. He has the wheels already in motion which is why the event runs so smoothly come September. We decided to leave the Cash Raffle ticket limit @ 150 but offer a 50/50 cash raffle also. Dean will soon be ordering all the raffle tickets for distribution to club members.

Ron Huber volunteered to setup a Nature Trail mowing schedule. Don’t be afraid to sign-up. Lots of open dates need to be filled.

John repaired the dock for Windfall Lake and it will be installed soon.

Repairs, Replacements, Improvements, Additions: Addressed/Discussed the following items:

  1. Install exhaust fan in peak of pavilion kitchen to expel smoke/heat (2) Install Plexiglas covers for south windows (3) Put in drain tile system to eliminate water ponding (4) Purchase & install “freezer curtail” type covers for south door (5) Move cooler compressor & ice maker (6) Replace bar top & frame (7) Finish installing blue steel siding by electrical panels (8) Pour concrete under ball field bleachers & ticket booth (9) Box in storage building lean-to for added secure storage (10) Install vent for concession stand cooler (11) Repair/Replace concession stand refrigerators (12) Replace/Impeach the President ‘cuz he just spent all our money.

Even more items to spend money on that weren’t discussed: New sign, shooting range fence, and Windfall Lake beach improvements.

Jim had a raffle but I was drunk and don’t remember what the prize was or who won it.

Agenda item at next meeting: Summer Trap shooting plus lots more. Need a few guys to show up a bit early to move some dirt around before the meeting. Bring a shovel.

See you on Friday the 10th @ 6:30 !

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