Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Minutes from meeting on April 15th, 2012.……….19 members present at meeting

Next meeting will be on May 20th……..due to Mother’s Day on May 13th

Meeting was called to order and conducted by Pres. Daryl Kinnear

Treasurer report……Dean…proceeds and expenses were presented at meeting and all financial data was available. March banquet went well.

Conservation………Al….Dr. deer will be in the area and Al will report on findings from him at May meeting. Nothing we don’t already know??

Legislative report……Norm……….none

Keep Norm in your thoughts as his eye is still a problem.

The Fishing Expo on April 27th was a huge success. We had about 100 - 4th graders from area schools.

Thanks to all who made this event possible.

Our spring clean-up day was disappointing with only 3 people showing up………maybe next time??

Snuffy talked about campfire stories and demonstrated some the items he represents and can be viewed on the Pursuit channel on Direct TV. Thanks, Snuffy.

We voted to donate $500. To the Babe Ruth team. The money for the team is for upgraded bats and supplies.

We also voted to donate $500. To the Winter area Armed Forces Fish Fest in Winter for our Vets and active Military personnel. This will be held on June 2nd and 3rd. The Rod and Gun Club is proud to be a part of it. Contact Dale Thompson to volunteer.

Our youth and Military are America’s most important resources.

We will be voting on projects and donations at our monthly meetings. Your input and participation are encouraged in these decisions. Please attend the meetings and bring along a friend. We need new members.

G1 and G2 Al talked about several projects but the round-about at his driveway on Hyway 40 brought this response from Nancy……..”G whiz and BS” ……so that’s been cancelled. Thanks, Nancy.

Dean will be writing the club letter this summer as I have other commitments……….

Any questions, call Dean at 715-943-2513.


Club Secretary