Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Meeting Notice

Friday, May 13th @ 6:30 pm

Minutes of the 4-15-16 meeting:

Dean gave his financial report and said “…..we’re talkin’ in tall cotton”. Robert was perplexed and whispered that the only tall cotton he owned was flannel long underwear and wondered why Dean would dress so warm on such a nice day. The Prez told Rbt to have his wife explain it later and we moved on.

Robert said the Kids Expo was ready to go and “……we’re hittin’ on all cylinders” for the May 20th event. Now it was Dean’s turn to be confused: “What’s a cylinder, do I have one and should I hit it?” Actually the last piece of prep work we need to do is clean the pavilion and clubhouse. Rain or shine we will take care of the duties Thursday – May 19th – 5:30 – Worknight. Need help so show up.

The trout got delivered to Balsam Lake by the DNR last week and the volunteered John, Rbt, Craig and himself to put the docks Tuesday afternoon. The Prez’s timing was near perfect and most of the work was complete when he arrived.

Tom Schweitzer’s phone started quacking.

Jiminey Trout was on vacation (he wanted to go to scenic Iraq but his wife choose Key West) but he had a few prelim Trout Fest items to cover: finalize 2nd/3rd prize for 4-wheeler raffle (we choose a Yeti cooler and a fishing package); whether or not to have lawn mower races or something else (the racers will be back); and hone take care of the gun raffle (Norm and Daryl stepped up). Things sure run smooth when the Troutster is absent.

Approved free use of the pavilion and concession stand by the Exeland Little League team on June 18th. The Blue Jays will be hosting the league tourney.

Quack Quack. Tom got another call.

Next was a long confusing disruptive multi level discussion/opinion poll/argument about what improvements/repairs/additions needed to be made to our buildings and facilities. The Prez completely lost control of the meeting and we wasted 20 minutes while 5 conversations ran simultaneously. The Prez eventually got a gripe and announced he’d get some guys together and chair a committee to get the work started. Here’s what’s going to happen (money permitting): 

Pavilion area – exhaust fan by cooking area; plexiglass window covers; cover cooler compressor & ice machine; sidewalk pavers, washed rock & drain tile; replace bar top and pedestal; “freezer curtain” type door covers; finish exterior blue siding.  

Grandstand & Ticket Booth- pour concrete pads under both.  

Concession Stand & Garage- purchase under counter beer cooler; box in east side for additional secure storage.

Ron Huber was still in Arizona but volunteered to set up a schedule of members to mow the nature trail for the summer/fall season. Tom’s phone quacked 3 times signifying unanimous approval.

Misc: decided to not host a Hunter Safety course, received a “Thank you” from the BHS trap shooting team, and check on offering a concealed carry class at a future date.

The Prez adjourned the meeting and hustled to the bar to chug a much needed beer (okay – maybe 5 or 6 beers).


Meeting – May 13th Clean-up - May 19th Kid Fishing Expo - May 20th

see you then

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