Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Minutes of the April 14, 2013 Monthly Meeting

Our clubhouse is located on Elm Park Drive. There’s a series of scary movies titled “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Might explain why our President looks and acts like Freddy Kruger.

Got the meeting started on a sour note as we accepted the resignation of club secretary Nevin Zezza, who’s facing some health challenges and has to step down from these duties until he gets better. Gonna’ miss him – Nevin is a workhorse. No one volunteered to fill Nevin’s shoes so Club Treasurer, Decimal Dean, will do double duty for awhile. Bud Hover suggested we form a committee to find a replacement. We all thought that was a wonderful idea. So we made Bud the committee chairman. Actually Bud is the whole committee. We named it the “Bud’s Committee”. A report is expected at the May meeting. It will be “Bud’s Report”. Go, Bud, Go!!

As per Decimal Dean, here’s a summary of our finances thru April 30: General Account $12,092.15; Activity Account $5,647.33; CD $3,000.00. Financial Hi-Lights for the month: paid our $2,500 pledge towards the new pavilion at Swan Creek Park and added $2,652.37 to our coffers from the March gun banquet. Had a fairly lengthy discussion regarding the gun banquet. This year’s profit was the lowest since 1997 (last year we made over $6,100 and the year before $8,000). There was a variety of reasons (higher gun costs, increased meal expense, additional free tickets, possibly the site location and attendees with less spendable budgets). We all agreed we need to take a serious look at doing things differently. Ideas ranged from bringing the banquet back to Exeland, do the meal ourselves, getting our own sales permit to avoid paying Sales Tax and looking into a Federal Firearms License. A half dozen members, lead by Norm & Nevin, put a ton of time into this event. It needs to be worth their effort.

Took a moment to recognize the newest inductees of the Rod & Gun Club Hall of Fame, John Deach and Chuck Lynk, and the 2012 Club Member of the Year, George Sihsman. All three guys were very appreciative and said they all would certainly have bought a round of beer but son-of-a-gun if all 3 hadn’t forgot their wallets on the same night. Still, CONGRATS!! to all three fellas – good guys, great members and all very deserving of their respective awards.

The April 26th Kids Fishing Expo was a HUGE success! Gave seminars and provided fishing poles to more than 100 4th graders and had 25 volunteers/members helping. Mother Nature even cooperated (finally) and gave us a perfect day for outdoor activities. Thanks to all who helped and a special thanks to the Club President for not showing up until the event was over.

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Scheduled Saturday April 20th as the date to paint/clean the interior of the clubhouse. A good sized crew showed up and we got it all done in 5 hours. Best Painter of the Day was awarded to Gene and Worst Painter was Denny. Dean was recognized for Most Tools and Jimmie Trout read exerts from his new book entitled “How To Share 3 Rollers & 2 Brushes Between 11 Painters”. Also discovered that Bud doesn’t do ladders and Mike is afraid of spiders. We had previously acknowledged that it will cost a few bucks to do some upgrading (stove exhaust, bathroom fixtures, etc) and we gave Robert the green light to take care of those items.

Received notice from our insurance company that they’d no longer provide coverage on our buildings. The agent promised to check on a different carrier. Report to follow (note: existing coverage is good until sometime in June).

We’re still looking for a new project(s) to tackle so bring any/all ideas to the next meeting. George reported that the Rusk County ATV Club to trying to get a bridge constructed over Spring Creek but it should be fully funded by the state and by their club. Al will work with Gene to get a permit for an ATV trail from Weirgor to Exeland.

Jimmie Trout has the Trout Fest ball rolling. Jack & Sheila Weisser will be this year’s Grand Marshalls. J Trout has the bands booked but not without some hassles and he also reported that we lost our Softball Tourney Chairman. More plans coming in the months ahead.


(but always remember: Life’s too short to drive Chevy trucks)

Unpaid members did not receive this notice but it’s not too late to re-enlist old members or sign up new guys. Also, if you have e-mail it saves us postage and time.


My wife makes me go for walks with her. Boring as hell – hikin’ up and down the damn highway. There’s always lots of traffic so we see plenty of cars and trucks being driven by folks we know. Naturally, we wave to them and they wave back at us. I’ve noticed men and women wave differently. Men have lots of different waves. Some use their full hand, some just a couple fingers and thumb. Some guys point, some move their hand left to right while others go right to left. Most guys wave without taking their hands off the wheel. There is probably 25 or 30,if not more, varieties of guy waves. Women only have two – the rapid fingers wiggle or the quacking duck. That’s it - the only two they know. Never changes. Must learn it school at an early age. Sometimes I refuse to go for walk with my wife and later drive by her she’s walking alone. She has a special wave reserved just for me. She calls it The Bird. Not sure where she learned that one.