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April 13, 2014 meeting minutes of the


We had pretty good attendance at the meeting (20-25 members). Apparently guys are figuring out its more fun watch our President make an ass of himself than it is to watch bad Sunday night television.

Big Johnson gave a financial report but I didn’t catch any of the numbers. Why didn’t I catch the numbers? Because I rarely listen to anything he says, that’s why. Anyway, we’re still well in the black.

Being the wise and sage group that we are, we respectfully changed the next meeting date so it does not fall on Mothers Day. Hard to tell if we’re more afraid of our Mom’s, or our wives. The next meeting will be May 15th. More on that later.

Rob Deach is the Chairman the Kids Fishing Expo scheduled for May 16th. All systems are “Go” and final plans will be covered at the meeting on the 15th. Don’t be bashful about helping at this event. The 4th grade students that attend have a great day and are very appreciative of our club for doing this every year.

J & J Concrete of Exeland has volunteered to pour a small slab in front of the clubhouse and will do so in conjunction with other work they be will doing later this spring. On the home run fence project, Rod talked to Xcel Energy, who offered to donate wooden poles later this summer. The two walk-in coolers will also be arriving late spring or early summer.

We scheduled May 15th as our annual spring clean-up night. We also use that date for our next meeting. Work will start at 5:30 with the meeting to follow. We had some snowplow damage to the grounds so bring rakes, shovels and leaf rakes. We’ll also be swamping out the pavilion so a couple large brooms would be helpful. When the work is complete we’ll have a short meeting and Jack the Genius will have a meal prepared. As always, free beer on work nights.

Jimmie Trout is looking for suggestions for this year’s Trout Fest Grand Marshall and we decided to switch our propane business over to Lakes Gas because they annually donate tanks re-fills for our grills at Trout Fest.

Under new biz, we decided to donate $250 to the Exeland Fire Dept. Then we finished up the meeting we a discussion about club shirts, jackets and caps. Samples/prices available soon.

The next meeting is Thursday May 15th @ 5:30. We can use your help.


Paid Members April 2014:

Bruce Ash

Korey Fischer

Mike Huber

Lyle Ploger

John - Ryan Villiard

Jason Ash

Robert Gadwill

Ron Huber

Bryan Pucka

Frank Vreeland

Ed Aspseter

Herb Genthe

Bob Jandrt

Chris Pucka

Brant Waite

Bob Balczewski

Al Gerber

Dean Johnson

Eric Rademaker

Bud Waite

Brad Beise

Curt Gerber

Joshua Johnson

Norm Rademaker

Mike Waite

Don Birdsill

Don Gerber

Nathan Johnson

Scott Ring

Randy Warner

Roy Bothwell

Jim Gerber

Daryl Kinnear

Don Rognsvoog

Gregg Webert

Charles Breed

Bimbo Gifford

David Kirchknopf

Dan Ruiter

Jack Weisser

Chance Brown

Lonnie Giifford

Conner Kopras

Dave Samardzich

Doug Zebro

Channing Brown

Al Gorden

Dennis Kopras

Mike Scharlau

Nevin Zezza

Rod Brown

John Gordon

Mark Kozak

Adam Schrank

Dave Zorn

Tim Buller

Justin Gordon

Dan Kromrey

Glen Schwarz

Matt Zorn

Joe Burnap

Mike Granica

Gary Kuzmic

Pete Severin

Gene Caturia

Mike Grinnell

Jack Kuzmic

Ben Sihsmann

Robert Chady

Tony Gutowski

Jim Leader

George Sihsmann

Kris Daniels

Neal Halberg

Charles Lynk

Ron Stewart

John Deach

Wayne Halberg

Don Mansky

Todd Stewart

Robert Deach

Edward Hamilton

Bill Milner

Robert Swenson

Dennis Degido

Gyp(Art) Hanson

Joe Milner

Ryan Thome

Bob Desmith

Kevin Harings

Dennis Moe

Steve Thome

James Doke

Bill Haymes

Richard Myers

Dale Thompson

Todd Earnhart

Bob Hegeholz

Tom Nanstad

Charlie Tubbs

Carl Fass

Jason Hegeholz

Mike Paul

Ray VanGilder

Brody Fischer

Leo Hoeft

Jim Peterson

Ed Veness

Bud Hover

Tom Petrofske

Robert Veness

Nathan Hover

Steve Phelps

Mark Vetvick

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