Exeland Rod and Gun Club

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Monday – May 11th5:PM

Work Night – Grounds, Pavilion, Clubhouse

Lots to do – Need a big crew – This includes You. Poem by Al Gerber

  • Food & Beverages Provided –

Minutes of the April 12th meeting

Diamond Dean got the meeting rolling with his monthly financial report. We’re in good shape. Good thing because donation requests came flying in from all directions. Al da’ Prez ran thru the list. Again this year we donated the beverages to the SCOPE Volunteer Instructors banquet. Our cost was $110. The Bruce High School started a trap shooting team and we donated funds to that program for shotgun shells, clay pigeons and entry fees. The Winter Archery Club is sponsoring a Youth Day so we donated $100 to help out with their expenses. A local boy will be touring again this summer with an All-Star Baseball Team and, same as last year, we gave $200 to help defray his costs. The final donation request was from the Winter Booster Club. They are sponsoring bringing ex-NBA player Christian Laettner to their school for a basketball clinic this summer. We really didn’t have enough information to make a decision – who gets the money or exactly what it would be used for – so we tabled the request until a later date.

Treasure Dean had talked long and in detail about our finances. President Al had discussed the merits of each donation request. Secretary Robert was feeling left out so he volunteered the following information: American and Canadian men have sex 2 or 3 times per week while Japanese men have sex only once or twice per year. This was startling news to many of our members who did not realize they were Japanese.

The Kids Fishing Expo is set for May 15th. Robert said all the schools have been contacted and 80 students will attend. To be safe, Robert ordered 85 rod/reel combos at a cost of $1,792.60, of which $1,000 will be covered by SCOPE. Here’s the Station Leaders: Tim Buller (fish ID), Dean & Bimbo (fly tying), Warden Peery (boat safety), Jimmie Trout (tree planting), Denny Kopras (casting), Bob Gadwill (fish donation), Jack Weisser & Co. (cooks), Mike Paul (beverages), Daryl Kinnear (station rotation). Those guys all stepped up to take charge but they’ll need more help. We’ll discuss this event in more detail at the next meeting.

Speaking of the next meeting, that was the next agenda topic. We picked MAY 11th and it will be our annual spring clean-up with a brief meeting to follow. Plenty to do and it’s always fun and easy with lots of help. Bring some tools (bring extra because Jim never brings any) and cleaning rags. In addition to swamping out the pavilion we’ll be cleaning the clubhouse plus working on the grounds and nature trail. As with all work nights, beer and food will be provided.

Al ran thru a list items that will covered at the DNR’s spring hearings on April 13th. Lots of proposed fish changes plus a bunch of other stuff. Worth attending if you have the time. Speaking of the DNR, Al is chairman of the County Deer Advisory Council and that group is recommending zero quota (doe) tags for the 2015 deer seasons.

Jim wondered if any members had been watching the reality TV program “American Pickers”. When asked why he was wondering that Jim excitedly replied,

Because Frank and Mike are s-o-o-o hot!”

After that sour note we quickly changed the subject to Trout Fest stuff. The possibility of getting a free camping trailer as our main raffle prize has fallen thru so we’ll do another ATV. Since John Deach was absent we nominated him to go buy us one. Thanks for volunteering John. We’ve also lost our connection for inexpensive canoes and thereby decided to go with a crossbow and ladder stand as 2nd and 3rd prizes. We’re going to run into some additional expense this year due to the fact we’ll need to buy or build a couple of ticket booths plus moving the homerun fence won’t be cheap or easy. Jim will have more to report on those items next month. A real snag has come up and that’s finding available and reasonably priced bands for Saturday night street dance. We gave Jim a budget but he said he didn’t think Garth Brooks would come for $300 so we bumped that up a bit and told him to do the best he could.

Al reported he’d contacted the DNR on the 10th but no date had yet been scheduled for the delivery of the trout to Balsam Lake. NEWS FLASH! The fish arrived on the 17th. Come to meeting for the details. Seems like it went real well. Ryan Thome’s boys did most of the work.

In the “OLD BIZ” department Jim reported Community Event sign, thanks to the efforts of Dean and Robert, had been resurrected and brought back to life. Thanks boys – looks great. The next item was a discussion of what to do with the US Flag that was getting caught in the tree next to the flagpole. Though we had barely 20 guys at this meeting, we had 50 ideas of how to fix the problem. Suggestions were all over the board (cut down the tree was one idea). Finally George Sihsman had heard enough and said he’d take charge. But suggestions kept flying in. George fielded each new hairbrain idea with “I’ll handle it” or “Got it covered” or “No worries”. Last item under Old Biz was Robert’s report about keys and locks and stuck doors but I was getting tired (and thirsty) and not paying much attention. Ask Robert what he said.

We’re always looking for new projects and improvements and there was a comment that the beach at Windfall Lake could use some sprucing up. The last time that was attempted the DNR went nuts, questioned all the lake area residents and threaten penalties so severe they’d throw the guilty party in jail and take away his birthday. The perpetrators are still at large. So we decided to try a different approach this time and get permission first. Al will be in charge.

The meeting adjourned and it was note not much beer remained. Several of our best and bravest members volunteered to make sure it was completely gone before the door was locked. Mission accomplished.

Next Meeting

Monday – May 11th

Work Night @ 5:PM

Hope to see you there