Exeland Rod and Gun Club

March 18, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Norm’s idea, we invited our first guest speaker in many years – Laine Stowell, the DNR elk biologist from Hayward.  After his presentation two things were obvious: (1)  Stowell knows more about Wisconsin elk than any man in North America; and (2) he hates wolves as much as we do.

In the finance dept Dean says were still solvent ($21,600 in General Fund). We paid $100 towards an outing for the Queen Contestants and approved establishing $500 & $250 as 2nd/3rd prizes for the Trout Fest 4-wheeler raffle.  Greg, Daryl and Norm are taking care of getting a deer rifle as another raffle item.  Also approved $500 to SCOPE towards their Family Fun Day in August.  Dean has received over 90 paid memberships so far.  For those who have not paid, this will be your final notice.  It’s easy to renew – just send $20 to P.O. Box 92.

The meeting was running late due to the length of the guest speaker’s presentation so we sort of buzzed thru the rest of the agenda.  Mike P – interesting comments regarding Winter Severity Index and Antlerless Quota Setting.  Al G -  brief mention of statewide Spring Hearings scheduled for April 9th.  Float Rebuilding project -  committee met and is moving forward.  Kids Fishing Expo – will be May 11th and Robert is adding “trapping seminar” as 5th station.  Exeland Assoc. – will be using clubhouse for the annual spaghetti dinner on April 20th.  Bud H – stepped up and volunteered to again be Mower Capt for the nature trail.  Pending Projects -  home run fence, nature trail improvements, and dock repair will be addressed by Jim, Bud & Robert if the weather ever #@*%ing improves!

Monthly Raffle – Scott won the grand prize, an electric pressure washer which he hopes is better holding his thumb over the end of a garden hose.  

 Next meeting is APRIL 8th @ 6:30.  If you haven’t already done so  -  pay your dues now.

April agenda items:  Spring Hearings, Antlerless Quota recommendations, Kids Fishing Expo, Winter Severity Index, plus one more hot topic:  Trout Fest Beverage Chr Gene wants to eliminate Miller, Budweiser and Old Milwaukee and replace those brews with various craft, draft and raft beers such as IPAs, UPCs, IRS and CIAs.  Not to be outdone, Rod & John will be requesting funds to build a wine bar.

See you at the meeting on Sunday  -  bring a friend!