Exeland Rod and Gun Club


March 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes (and miscellaneous other bullshit)

Had 26 members in attendance, about double the norm. The Club Prez tried to take credit for the increase. Truth is, Jim brought a nice shotgun to raffle and Jack prepared a hearty meal. Just goes to show – members attend our meetings in spite of the President, not because of him.

Decimal Dean cooked the books and concluded we’re still solvent. Actually there’s more than 14 and a half thou in the General Fund and slightly under 500 smackers in the Fund Raising acct. Dean does a nice job with our financial matters and proudly claimed to have mastered his mathematical skills during his 2nd stint in the 4th grade.

The “Kids Fishing Expo” is scheduled for May 16th. Chairman of the Board Robert Ulysses Deach reported 80 students will attend. He priced Zebco 202s @ $13 and Zebco 33 Classics @ $20. The members were at odds as to which to select so the President took charge. Being the wise and sage leader that he is, the Prez called upon an expert from the audience. Justin Gordon is a renowned fisherman and a few years back had been a recipient of one of our poles. Here’s how the discussion went- “ Prez: Justin, what type of pole did you get? Justin: a 202. Prez: would you have rather received a 33 Classic? Justin: yes. Prez: why? Justin: because the 202 is a piece of shit.” Based upon Justin’s unbiased and expert testimony the 33 Classics were unanimously selected. Final plans for the May 16th event will be formulated at the next meeting.

We’ve got a bunch of projects to do but this endless winter won’t allow us to get started. Here’s what on the plate – concrete pad, home run fence, pavilion bar counter, trail signs.

The Prez announced he’s got 2 small walk-in coolers coming – one for the pavilion and one for the softball field beer stand. One of the club’s original founding members, Ed Aspseter, mentioned that a group from a neighboring community added an automatic beer can dispenser to their cooler. One member thought that having an automatic beer can dispenser would be like a dream come true. Another called it a thing of beauty.

Debated whether or not to have a Gun Banquet. After much discussion, it’s on. Going to shoot for a fall event and may host it ourselves in the big pavilion if no other site is available.

Our Conservation Congress rep reported that the DNRs Head Big Game Ecologist pledged that no antlerless tags (for gun or bow) would be issued in the Northern Forest Zone for the 2014 deer seasons. There may not be many deer to hunt. Norm’s Winter Severity Index is at 153 and still rising. Such is the wisdom of our local game managers.

Under new biz we decided to donate $100 to the Blue Jays Little League team and Denny volunteered to get us a new U.S. Flag to replace our tattered one.

Jimmie Trout reported on some Trout Fest stuff but the guy scribbling notes (me) was drunk by then and didn’t catch any of what was said. Probably not important anyway – it’s only our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Before we feasted on Jack’s fine fare, we had the raffle. Daryl won the shotgun. As a 2nd prize we awarded a leftover 202 Combo. Doug Z won it. Justin giggled so the hard he peed his pants.