Exeland Rod and Gun Club


SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013 @ 6:30

Final Dues Payment Notice: attached is a list of paid members (as of 4-01-13). If your name is not on that list, we have not received your membership renewal for 2013 and this will be your final notice/newsletter. You can still renew at this time by sending $20 to:

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

PO Box 92

Exeland, Wisconsin 54835

or by coming to the April 10th meeting.

Also, if you want to receive your notices electronically, Dean can do that (he’s a damn computer nerd wizard geek). exelandrodandgun@gmail.com & http://www.exelandrodandgunclub.org/

Minutes of the March 10th meeting

Started the meeting with a guest speaker – Mark Schmidt of the Ladysmith DNR. He talked about lower deer population, higher predator loss and continued lack of hunter satisfaction, including within his own family. Then he announced that more antlerless tags would be issued than last year. It was good that Schmidt came to our meeting but basically the DNR is still using the same inaccurate SAK deer estimation formula and not paying much attention to our input. No change.

Decimal Dean provided a financial report and as of the meeting date our bank account balances were very healthy ($17,677 in the General Fund and $5,144 in the Activity Account). The poles for the Kids Fishing Expo have already been paid for but we have a $2,500 obligation to the Swan Creek Park pavilion project.

Nevin reported we have 93 paid members and it was decided that the April newsletter would be the last mailing to un-paid members (see paragraph 1. As you can see, our highly skilled and efficient newsletter writer is doing his job superbly. We should double his salary.)

Our annual gun banquet is scheduled for March 16th. Norm and Nevin reported all systems are “go”, though a few tickets remain unsold. Norm and his Band of Merry Man will get the table prize shopping done on Friday and Nevin searched the globe for a Henry rifle. Should have final numbers at the next club meeting.

The kids Fishing Expo is scheduled for April 26th. About 100 kids from 5 schools (Bruce, Birchwood, Winter, LCO, and OLS) will be attending. The poles have been ordered and paid for. Final details will be worked out at the April 14th monthly meeting. Volunteer workers will be needed. This is a great event and very much appreciated by the kids and teachers. You won’t regret helping.

Club President (Al the Idiot) presented a partial list of questions for this year’s Spring Hearings (April 8th). Some of the topics to be voted on are: requiring registration of canoes/rowboats, expanding youth hunting to include ages 16/17 and allowing crossbows in the archery season. Results should be available in time for our meeting on April 14th.

Nevin had followed up on the proposal for a $2,500 accidental death benefit for all paid members. We do not have to provide that company with a membership list (they send us postage-paid envelopes and we address them and do the actual mailing). We approved a motion to go forth with this plan and Nevin will contact the company representative to get the ball rolling.

Jimmie Trout reported that while vacationing in Florida he went to the racetrack and bet $100 on a horse named “Tri-Pod”. Didn’t work out too good.

Still working on a few projects like clubhouse repairs/upgrades/cleaning and will set a date at the next meeting. Would also like to see an ATV route into Exeland.

Adjourned. Drank beer and talked smart.