Exeland Rod and Gun Club

February 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Got the meeting rolling with Dean’s financial report. Give or take several million Dean says we have $15,170 plus $260 in the general accounts at DSB & CVB (those accounts will be consolidated soon) plus $2,000 in the Fund Raising acc’t. There’s another roughly $3,000 in a CD that will be cashed at maturity. The club is in pretty good financial shape. Since we’re filthy rich, we approved, for the 4th year in a row, up to $200 towards snacks & beverages for the annual volunteer instructors appreciation dinner sponsored by SCOPE. Not only are we rich, we’re generous. (note: we never did get bills from two of the Trout Fest beer suppliers – Bud & Old Mil)

Had a good discussion regarding the responses to our two “don’t shoot does” articles that appeared in many area newspapers. About the only publication that didn’t run our articles was the Wisconsin Outdoor News so Norm offered to contact them to see what the hell their problem was. All of the feedback, and there has been plenty, has been 100% positive and have even had offers of donations to continue what we’ve started. We’ve received letters from the Governor, two legislators and a couple phone calls from the DNR’s top game manager. The decision-makers in Madison definitely know who we are and what we stand for and are also aware that we are well enough positioned and have enough support to go over their heads if necessary in order to begin rebuilding the deer herd. For now, mission accomplished. Hats off the club members (Norm, Mike, Daryl, Jim, Al) that initiated this campaign.

Next agenda item was a chart showing the number (and percent of increase) of bear harvest permits for the 2014 season. The Exeland area is in Zone A and there will be a whopping 1% increase in tags for our sector. WOW – the bears better watch out now! Looks like the DNR has a bad case of “can’t” and “won’t”. For some reason they “can’t” print enough doe tags but “won’t” print enough bear tags.

Al: Jim, did you know you can save 15% by switching your insurance to GEICO? Jim:(sigh) Al, everybody knows that. Al: Well, did you know that I think you’re an asshole?

We ran thru and discussed the Natural Resource Board approved changes to deer season as suggested by the Deer Trustee Report. Those items will be receiving a lot of press in the months ahead so no reason to itemize them here. Our rep on the Conservation Congress will keep us posted but not a helluva’ a lot we can do about it anyway.

Nevin and Robert stepped up and volunteered to chair the annual Kids Fishing Expo. Thanks, Guys. Their report at the March meeting will inform us as to the number of students from the 4 schools (Bruce, Winter, Birchwood & OLS), fishing pole cost, and number & type of “stations”. We’ll need lots of volunteers to make this year’s event runs as smoothly as it has in the past.

Geez, these are good minutes. The guy who prepares them should get free beer at every meeting.

Prez Al reported he had a possible connection to get a couple more walk-in coolers at a very reasonable cost. Jimmie Trout figured that might be a good idea so we could cut back on our ice purchases and refrigerated trailers rental at Trout Fest.

Speaking of the Prez, here’s what he’s accomplished so far this year. January – cancelled the Rabbit Hunt. February – cancelled the Fishing Contest. March – cancelled the Gun Banquet. What’ll he cancel next – deer season? We got’ta get rid of this fool!

Under New/Old business, Norm reported that the pancake turntable we rent every Trout Fest may no longer be available. We could just use a skittle but Norm has nightmare images of Stosh and Brad attempting over-the-shoulder and behind-the-back flipper tricks. Solution: build our own pancake machine. That’s a pretty good idea because if we give Chuck Lynk a little pile of iron, a cutting torch and a few welding rods he could build the Golden Gate Bridge and put the Eiffel Tower on top of it. Next, Jimmie Trout reported he had hired 3 bands for Trout Fest 2014. Saturday afternoon will be the Porch Dog Howlers, Saturday night is the Stillwater Warblers, and he succumbed to public pressure and hired a polka band for Sunday afternoon. When a moan went thru the room Jimmie said,”No no no. Don’t worry. I hired a band that plays the GOOD polka music, not the bad stuff.” Newsflash to Jim – here’s what good polka music sounds like- “umm paa paa”. Here’s what bad polka music sounds like “umm paa paa”. There ain’t no difference!

Message from the Prez. Dean reported we have 76 paid members* (updated to 89 paid members as of 3/1/14- dqj) so far and membership renewals are at about the same pace as last year. Reminder: this is your final newsletter if your dues are not paid. Send Dean a check for $20 to P.O. Box 92, Exeland, 54835. Or better yet, come to the next meeting and pay your dues then. We’re only getting a dozen to 15 members per meeting, which sucks. Good bullshit, a meaningful mission statement, great public service and being part an organization that is recognized statewide apparently isn’t enough to draw members away from their TVs to attend the meetings. Hell, if for lack of a better reason, come to the meetings because beer is only a buck! Seriously, we need input, ideas and participation from all our members and sources to keep the club strong and fresh. Old farts like me doing the same things over and over – well, that’s not good enough. Jack will be preparing food and Jim will be raffling a rifle at the next meeting. Right there’s two more good reasons to attend. The next meeting will be MARCH 16TH at 6:30. I hope to see you there! – Prez Al Gerber.

The next Winter Olympics

Like most of you, I spent a bunch of hours watching the Olympics. I figure we should enter a team for 2018 and I’m sure we’d win lots of medals. First we’d have to become a sovereign country but that shouldn’t be a problem – the DNR wants to get rid of us anyway. Here’s a few of the sports I think we’d be good at: Mogul Skiing- practice would be easy – just drive up & down Hwy 40 – it’s full of humps, bumps, holes & moles. Biathlon- we’d sweep the podium! All we need to do is rent some skis and show up with deer rifles. Half Pipe- here’s the plan. Find a giant culvert and have Chuck split it in half. Then weld the 2 pieces end to end and lay them on the big hill by Norm’s house. We’ll practice all summer on skateboards which means we’ll need baggy pants with the crotch below our knees, wear bright colored boxer shorts and expose our ass cracks. Not a pretty picture but winning would be worth it. Mens Figure Skating- doesn’t matter if we don’t know what’s the difference between a double axle or a triple lutz - we can get medals without competing – most of them squeaky voiced fellers don’t look too tough. We’ll just beat’em up and take what we want. Skeleton Sled- we’ll need some beer for this one. It would be hard to get a volunteer club member to go face first at 80mph down the track while lying on his hands and steering with his toes but after 4 cases of beer, all we need to do is bet Scott & Larry they can’t to do it. 2 Man Luge- we’ll skip this event. There ain’t enough beer in Sochi to convince two of our guys to dress in skin tight suits then lay on top of each other. Curling- glue horseshoes on top of some round rocks and Jack will medal for sure. Womens Events- we already got a team – the Trout Queens! All we need to do is borrow some skates and teach them now to spin really really fast without getting dizzy. 4 Man Blobsled- this’ll be easy – we’ll hire Mike Paul build a sled then have John Deach put a secret motor in it. Them cheatin’ Russians are probably already doing it. Ski Jumping- tell Tim there’s a fishing hole at the bottom of the ramp then give him a push. X-C Skiing- So simple. Let Mike Grinell know the wardens are closing in and he’ll out run the field. Just thought of something – we’re gonna’ need a bigger trophy case!

By the way, Nevin, you’ll be carrying our flag in the Opening Ceremony.