Exeland Rod and Gun Club

February 8, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting: March 8, 2015 @ 6:30pm

Pretty good attendance (22) at this meeting. Apparently Sunday sobriety returned to Wisconsin after the Packers got beat out of the playoffs. It would be good to get the attendance level up to 30+, so bring a buddy with you to the March 8th meeting.

After Dean ran thru our financial numbers he reported that he’d received 76 membership renewals to date plus a few more paid at the meeting. It was reiterated that renewal notices would not be sent after the April mailing and unpaid members as of that date would not be invited/eligible to attend the Hunters Ball in November. You can renew by paying at the next meeting or mailing $20 to P.O. Box 92 Exeland 54835.

The Prez reported we’ve entered into an agreement to use one the Village’s mowers on our Nature Trail. The club will be responsible for fuel, maintenance and storage but the mower will still be Village property and they may occasionally need it as a backup. Pretty much a “win-win” for both parties. This arrangement was pretty much the brainchild of our club president who, as you know, is a genius. Next we approved our annual donation of $250 to the Village for mowing our grounds and the softball park, a huge benefit to our organization.

The fish biologist from the Hayward DNR has confirmed (barring any unforeseen tragedy) that 2,000 trout will be stocked in little lake southwest of our clubhouse. There was plenty of confusion as to whether this is supposed to be a sustainable population or an annual “put & take” affair. A lively discussion ensued and the Prez completely lost control of the meeting for several minutes. But in the end we got it all sorted out because we’re a bunch of smart guys.

The Nature Trail was next on the agenda and it was decided some upgrades are necessary. We’ll need to improve our gate arrangement to allow better mower access and probably install a bench or two. A dock (or fishing pier) would be great and we may have a chance to use one of the DNR’s or possible buy a used one from a club member. The club prez will take charge of the dock situation. Did you know that he’s a genius?

Moving along, the next item was a possible Spring Gun Banquet and the Prez once again lost control. (The genius status was becoming a bit tarnished.) In the end it was decided it’s too late to pull off a banquet this year but some good ideas were brought forth for future use.

Denny reported the Fishing Outing is all set. It will Feb. 28th on Knutson Lake from 9AM to 2PM. The club will provide the beer and the brats and also pay out $5000 (that may be a misprint) in 5 fish categories. This is an excellent membership recruiting opportunity so don’t be bashful about inviting a friend to join us. Denny is so excited about this event he is considering changing his name to the Bait Master (reversing those last two words changes the meaning substantially)

The Bruce High School junior class requested a $100 donation towards their post prom party. They are also selling $100 cash raffle tickets and it was hotly debated whether to make the donation or purchase a ticket at the same cost. In the end it was decided to make it a donation, with the prevailing thought being that we should not be gambling the club funds of raffle tickets. Good decision.

The Prez read a letter from SCOPE. They have generously agreed to donate $1,000 towards our Kids Fishing Expo. No strings attached – all we need to do is mail them a copy of the rod/reel purchase invoice. Easy money. We scheduled the event for May 15th, which will put the poles in the kids’ hands prior to the free fishing weekend the 1st Saturday in June. Organization of this event will be covered at the March 8th meeting.

The Trout Fest runs great every year because the Chairman stays on top of it and though it’s only February, Jimmie Trout had some things to report. Collectively we decided to take a break from having a polka band as the Sunday afternoon entertainment. Mr Trout reported we may be getting a major prize donated for our raffle and thereby not need to spend 5 or 6 thousand on a 4-wheeler. The Prez thought we’d sell fewer tickets, to which Jimmie Trout replied that doesn’t matter because it would be pure profit. The Prez never did grasped that concept, but as you know, he’s an idiot. Eventually we adjourned, with the Prez mumbling to himself about wanting to win a 4 wheeler.

NEXT MEETING: March 8th @ 6:30pm (see you there)

Fishing Outing on Knutson Lake Feb 28th (bring a friend)