Exeland Rod and Gun Club

February 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Got the meeting rolling by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance – always a nice start.

El Presidente’ decided to change up the agenda by covering “Old” and “New” business at the beginning of the meeting when he is sober rather than at the end of the meeting when he is not. Brilliant move. Brilliant. Under “old” biz – Chance Brown needs to delay his fish biology research project until spring of 2019 (he has 6 weeks of mandatory summer school starting in May) and Dean Dean the Money Machine said we now have a “BIG check” for photos when we make donations. In the “new” business department the Bruce High School Ice Fishing Team asked for financial assistance for an overnight stay to attend the state fishing tourney in Minocqua. We approved $200 more (we give them $400 annually) and will use our BIG check to get some press in the Ladysmith and Winter newspapers. Jim suggested we ask for some ” payback” help the BHS ice fishing team and also the trap shooting team. The help could come in the form of staffing the Trout Fest Button booth for a few hours or doing clean-up, etc. Good idea – we’ll talk to the coaches. There was also a discussion regarding putting in an aeration system on Balsam Lake to support a winter population of fish. Robert will check on pricing.

Rabbit Hunt Flashback – Jiminey Trout fired 1 shot on the first drive and his gun broke. Back to town we go to fetch another shotgun.

Dollar Dean says we are “in the chips”. $23k in the general account and over 5 in the fund raiser check book. Should be able to stay solvent, despite the club’s current administration. Dean has received renewal (and new) membership dues from 93 soles. This month’s mailing/e-mail will indicate if your dues have been paid. Only one more payment reminder notice will be sent.

Rabbit Hunt Flashback #2 – Jiminey’s 2nd gun jams. We head to town again.

Facilities Mgr Robert reported ……”we now have a heated dump station.” When pressed for details he said, “I unplugged the toilet and fixed the furnace.”

Rabbit Hunt Flashback #3 – we made it thru a drive without a firearms failure. (Jiminey didn’t shoot.) It is now 11:15am and the Rock Castle is open. We see several vehicles belonging to the Ring/Sanders crew parked outside. We stop to let Jiminey off. He wouldn’t get out.

The Club President (aka The Smartest Guy In Town) posted the following meeting schedule for 2018: Jan – Aug will be Sundays at 6:30 and Sept thru Dec (Packer football season) will be Fridays at 6:30.

Rabbit Hunt Flashback #4 – Jiminey’s auto-loader #3 is froze shut so we drive around with live shell in chamber while trying thaw breach with truck defroster. Always a good idea but didn’t work. Back to town we go.

Ice Fishing Out on Windfall Lake set for Feb 17th. Dean in charge of food – Gene & Jack bringing firewood – Denny’s got the beverages – Judge JudyBud measuring fish and awarding prizes. Ice Fishing Report – a guy named Paul from Milwaukee pays $20 and joins the club. He gets largest northern and wins $10 prize then gets largest bass and wins another $10. His membership is paid by his winnings. We decide he’s an asshole.

ATV trail update – Gene has a game plan for the stretch in Weirgor. Action will happen when weather permits. Sawyer County Highway Dept has been contacted regarding using County Rd C in Meteor Township. The highway people need a formal request from an ATV club or association before forwarding the proposal to the township. That may happen within the next couple months.

Rabbit Hunt Flashback #5 – Jiminey’s arsenal of shotguns is depleted. Bud has a 20ga stashed behind the seat of his truck but Jiminey whines “not enough firepower”. So it’s off to Denny’s house we go to check his weaponry. Den returns with a break-open single shot. Perfect choice. Un-phuck-up-able.

Hayward DNR deer and elk biologist Laine Stowell will be present at the March 18 meeting to give a presentation on the DNR’s transplanting elk from Kentucky and also report on the status of the Sawyer county deer herd. Would be nice to have a lot of members on hand to hear what the DNR has to say. Try to attend.

Final Rabbit Hunt Flashback: High temp of the day was -11. But we never got cold because we spent lots of time driving around searching for replacement weapons. Miraculously we won the tournament – outgunning the defending champs by the thinnest of margins – one hare.

Al had researched action needed for hosting a Trapper Education Course. Quite a bit of interest from the members in attendance and probably some interest with other folks around town. Consensus was to try for a date in early summer. That will give us a chance to publicize the class in places like the Exeland Area Association newsletter and get a better turnout. We’ll keep you posted.

To accommodate a request by the Birchwood school set our annual Kids Fishing Expo for May 11th. Added feature this year will be a presentation to all attendees of a memorial poppy by the Exeland American Legion Auxiliary.

Conservation Congress spring hearings will be April 9th. Details to be discussed at the March meeting.

Famous quote from General Custer: “ My lead scout is a pilgrim named Jiminey. I’ll let you know how that turns out.”

We have several spring projects pending the arrival of warm weather – club float rebuild (Dean & Steve), homerun fence and race track bleacher pricing (Jimmy Trout) and nature trail/boat dock improvements (Robert).

Rabbit Hunt 2019 – Several white beans and one black bean will be place is a cloth sack. Whichever team draws the black bean gets………...