SUNDAY, MARCH 19TH @ 2:30pm ***note time change

Minutes of the Feb. 17th Meeting:

Had another good agenda with lots of discussion and information. But again attendance was low. In an effort to bolster that number we’ve moved the time of the next meeting to 2:30 rather than 6:30. More on that topic later.

Treasure Dean says were solvent with $24,300 in the General Fund and almost $7,700 in the Fund Raising account. That balance will take a big hit soon. Norm found us a Polaris ATV (Trout Festival raffle Grand Prize) for $5,300. The last bit of financial business was approving to pay of the snacks and beverages at the Safety Instructors Appreciation Dinner that SCOPE does annually.

Dean reported we presently have 94 paid memberships. Only 15 members were at the Feb meeting so Jim suggested making personal contacts prior to the next meeting, inviting more members to get involved by attending. A 4 man hit team was formed to make some calls. Another incentive that was suggested was tying entry to the November “Hunters Ball” to attendance of monthly meetings, work nights, Trout Fest staff, project participation, etc, etc. Logic: the club actually loses money at the Hunters Ball but it is a reward­ to the members for a year’s worth of time and work they’ve donated to the club. Perhaps members that do not participate all year long should not be eligible to participate in the “reward” night. This item will be address at the March meeting.

As previously reported, Squeal Team 6 won the 2017 Rabbit Hunt. No members of that elite group were on hand to accept the $1,000 cash prize so the funds were returned to the General Account. But fame is priceless.

The Windfall Lake fishing outing was a huge success. Bud was in charge of weather and did a fantastic job. Such a good job that we unanimously voted Bud to be in charge of weather for Trout Fest 25. Here’s list of the contest winners: walleye – Scott Ring; northern – Chuck Lynk; perch – Drew Chafer; bluegill – Al Gordon; crappie – Al Gordon. Special Mention: John Gordon caught 27 perch with a combined length of 31 inches and a total weight of one pound 9 ounces.

Finalized and approved the position of Facilities Manager. Robert was selected for this year and will begin making monthly reports. After considerable discussion it was decided the post will carry an annual compensation of $700. Oversight of the position will be the responsibility of the club’s officers and trustees.

I used to think the worst fate a guy could suffer would be to get trapped in a burning vehicle. After recently going thru hemorrhoid surgery I now believe getting gang raped in prison would be just as bad.

John Gordon had brought three sets of deer antlers and explained the process of “skull dipping”. All 3 of John’s finished trophies looked really good and John said its actually quite easy to do and not expensive at all. Thanks for the demo.

The Kids Fishing Expo is scheduled for May 19th. Robert will again be contacting the schools and coordinating the dates and times. This event takes lots of manpower so don’t be afraid to volunteer.

Sad thing but we decided to no longer have a Bow Shoot during Trout Fest. Most of our targets are shot to hell, the course set-up/take-down requires a lot of labor and participation has fallen off sharply in recent years. We’ll do some brainstorming and try to find a replacement event.

Jimmie Trout ran thru a quick laundry list for our cash cow – the 25th Annual Trout Festival. He’s bound and determined to make this one the best ever and wants to add extra stuff like a fireworks display, another cash raffle, more prizes for the kids, return of former queens and grand marshals, and on and on. Jim’s putting a lot of energy into this year’s show and will have a report in March. Ben is going to look over club’s parade float to see what we can do to spruce it up. That will be one of many projects we’ll need to take care of before the 1st weekend in September. Speaking of projects, we need to repair & install the docks before May 1st, rebuild the main pavilion bar before graduation party rentals, add refrigeration to the small pavilion, build a Tiki bar, move a bunch of chain link fencing and work on the shooting range. Lots to do.

There is probably more shit to report on but I’m sick of typing. The End.

George told a story: A middle aged spinster decided it was time to get married so she ran an ad in the local newspaper. “ Wanted: A single man who will not beat me, will not run out on me and will want to make love on a regular basis.” A few days after the ad was published the spinster’s door bell rang. When she opened the door the spinster saw a man in a wheelchair with no arms or legs who politely announced he was there in response to the ad. “Well,” the spinster said, “ I see you have no arms so you can not beat me and you have no legs so you could never run out on me. But are you any good in bed?” The man in the wheelchair simply said, “Lady, how do you think I rang the doorbell?”

Next Meeting: Sunday, March 19th @ 2:30pm

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Note: after the meeting, cribbage boards, chipper games, dice shaking, meat raffle (?)

It’ll be like a party !!!!!!

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