Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod & Gun Club- meeting notice

There will NOT be a monthly meeting in March. Next meeting will be April 15th.

Minutes of the Feb. 12th meeting

Club Treasure, Dean the Bean Counter, gave his monthly financial report thusly: Our club has more dollars than sense. Regarding other monetary matters, we approved two requests for donations: $400 to the Bruce High School trap shooting team (plus $20 entry fee for any club member’s son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter); and SCOPE’s annual request for us to buy the beverages for their Safety Instructor Appreciation Dinner (usually around $125). We decided to not send a donation to the Senior Resource Center but anyone who wants to contribute personally can contact them in Hayward at 715-934-2177. What took place next was a heated debate between Jim and Denny as to if it was too late for the club to purchase a $100 raffle ticket for the BHS Post Prom party. As with most heated debates between morons there was no clear winner and both combatants declared victory (kind’a like Trump, Cruz & Rubio). The final request of the night was from the Wis All-Star Baseball Club. We turned them down because no kids from our area will be participating this year.

The Exeland Area Association has requested the use of our clubhouse for their annual Spaghetti Feed and we readily agreed. That event will be held Friday, April 8th.

With the DNR reducing their trout stocking program our wise and sage President was tasked with seeking alternative species for planting. A thorough and exhaustive study was implemented (he called Al’s Fish Farm in Medford) and a comprehensive report was delivered. After listening politely to a report that would seemingly never end, Rod could finally take no more and blurted out, “they’re all gonna’ fuckin’ die!” End of report. No money wasted.

Staying with the fishing theme, the Prez rolled out the new panfish regulations that the DNR will soon be implementing. Bear in mind the DNR is currently going thru a “rules simplification process” to assure sportsmen don’t inadvertently break any laws or regulations. The new panfish rules are more complicated than Chinese arithmetic and add about 6 pages to the rule book. If you go fishing be sure you have a license and the name and phone number of a good lawyer.

Jiminey Trout reported he was thrilled Gov. Walker just signed the new “blaze pink” law.

Robert said we need more fire extinguishers. We told him to start less fires. End of discussion.

The Prez had a weird and complicated idea to bolster meeting attendance by tracking which members show up at club events, work nights and monthly meetings and then have a drawing for a deer rifle at the end of the year. By the end of his presentation even he was confused as to how it would work and the idea died a quick and merciful death.

The Kids Fishing Expo is set for May 20th. Robert anticipates approx 90 kids will attend this year so we agreed to order 100 rod/reel combos. He’d gotten a price of $19.99 per unit and Al will be getting a price from Hayward Bait and Tackle. SCOPE will once again be kicking in $1,000. The Hayward price came in at $18.75 per unit, a savings to us of $124. Plus the poles will be billed to SCOPE because they are tax exempt, a savings of another $110. Plus the manager of Hayward Bait is a director of Walleyes For NW Wisc and they agreed to donate $500. So here’s the math: $124 + $110 + $500 = $734 less cost this year. That’s like having a fundraiser without having a fundraiser.

Jim had bought a really nice raffle prize for tonight’s drawing. It was one of those “Lead Sled”s used to sight in a deer rifle – the sort of thing you’d like to have but probably wouldn’t want to spend that much to it get for your self. Seriously – this was a high quality pricey item – more expensive than women’s shoes. But we didn’t have enough guys present to cover the cost so we’ll raffle it at the April meeting. Be there for a chance to win.

Personal note from Al Gerber

My 3 year term as a Sawyer County delegate to the Conservation Congress is up for re-election this spring. After 27 years on the congress I have decided to not seek a 10th term. I’ve been to every corner of the state, traveled hundreds and hundreds miles and attended more meetings than I can remember. If the personal expense and time was the downside, the upside was a few of those meetings were interesting and informative. By the end of my tenure I was a “voice” that was listened at the Big Game Committee meetings, maybe not so much because of who I was, but rather because of whom I represented, the Exeland Rod & Gun Club. It is rewarding to know our club is recognized statewide. Perhaps the most positive change in deer management in the past 30 years (implementing local rather than state wide quota setting) occurred during my watch and I got to help formulate that structure. Ironically if the DNR had listened to our club 20 yrs ago they could have saved the million bucks they paid “Dr. Deer” from Texas. Local herd management was our idea.

But now, after nearly 3 decades, it’s someone else’s turn. I had a good run – thanks for the support.

Upcoming Dates To Remember

March 14th – CDAC (County Deer Advisory Council)

April 8th – Spaghetti Feed

April 11th – **Spring Hearing (Winter High School)

April 15th – next meeting (Friday @ 6:30)

** Might be worth attending. Election of delegates plus some interesting fish and game proposals

Speaking of dates, which are you most looking forward to:

November 19th – the opening of Deer Season

November 5th – end of political campaign ads

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