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Minutes of the February 10, 2013 Monthly Meeting

18 braves souls in attendance and we got the meeting started a few minutes late due to the tardiness of our fearless leader, Al the Idiot, who considers being 5 minutes late the same as being on time. Motion by Daryl and 2nd by Robert to approve last month’s minutes passed without opposition.

Next was the Treasure Report. Last newsletter stated a General Fund balance of around 8,000 bucks. That was a bit off – after this month’s bills got paid it’s actually $18,254.08 and the Activity Fund has a balance of $2,280.72. A member of the audience asked if there had been any transactions and Decimal Dean leaned back in his seat, glazed tranquilly towards the heavens with eyes half closed and replied, “Like waves upon the shore, the money comes and goes, it comes and it goes.” Pressed for slightly more detail, the Dhali Lama Dean stated “only when you know the fart of a butterfly you will believe the true path of the waves.” Scott R was perplexed but said as long as we’re in the black he’d make a motion to approve. Mike W 2nd the motion because he hadn’t known butterflies could fart.

Scheduled the club’s annual ice-fishing outing for Windfall Lake for Feb 16th in front of Dean Johnson’s home. Club will provide beer, brats and a bonfire. Contest will begin at 9:00 and end at 3:00 or earlier if the beer runs out. Approved giving $10 cash prizes for largest fish in 6 categories, which is one more prize than there is fish in the lake. The following report was submitted by attendee Chance Brown, son of member Rob Brown: The 3rd annual Rod & Gun Club Fishing Extravaganza on Windfall Lake was held Feb. 16th. In participation were Chuck Lynk, Tim Buller, Bob Bull, Robert Deach, Denny, Conner & Kelsy Kopras John & Justin Gordon, Rod & Chance Brown, Dean Johnson, Jack Weisser, Norm Rademaker, and Nevin Zezza.

Nevin is still missing. He left on his 1929 snowmobile a few hours ago and has been seen since.

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The big winner was Justin Gordon who harvested a trophy northern.

Later it was determined that John Gordon caught the biggest Perch of the day. Jack Weisser is credited with catching a beautiful Bass. Conner Kopras caught a nice Crappie on a white and pink jig. Rod Brown hooked an awesome Bluegill and Denny Kopras pulled in a dandy Walleye to finish the day.

All participants had a great time and enjoyed a sunny day.

By: Chance Brown

Obviously in addition to teaching his son how to fish, Rod taught his son how to tell a whopper of a fish story.

Next on the agenda Al the Idiot presented a proposal from American Income Life. That company is offering a free accidental death benefit of $2,500 per member to our club at no cost to the club or members. Upon acceptance of the benefit, each member would be contacted by the company and offered additional coverage and policies, to be purchased at each individual’s discretion. The cost to the club would be $0. There would only be a cost to a member if he decided to personally purchase more coverage. The Idiot thought in order to get this benefit we had to turn over the club’s membership role. Nevin’s understanding was different – he thought the insurance company did not require our membership list – they would simply provide enough stamped envelopes with the benefit offering enclosed and we would address and do the mailing, thereby keeping our membership role confidential. Nevin volunteered to contact the company for a definitive explanation so Dean motioned (2nd by Denny) to table the idea until March.

If you’ve been wondering, my favorite color is green. Actually dark green.

Moved on to discussing the March 16th Gun Banquet at the Couderay Golf Course. Nevin does a good job coordinating this event with the owner and the cook and reported the facilities and meal will be ready to go. Norm contacted the gun dealer last December and will be placing our 25 gun order the week of Feb. 11th. Jack, Nevin, Ben & Norm will be doing the shopping for the table prizes the

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week prior to the banquet. There are a few tickets remaining. $50 each. If you need a ticket or know someone who wants one, contact Nevin @943-2604.

Jimmie Trout can’t decide on his favorite color. He is torn between light rose and mild lavender.

We will have a guest speaker at our meeting on March 10th. Mark Schmidt from the Ladysmith DNR office will give us an update on the local deer herd and possible quota setting for the 2013 deer season. A meal will be served at 6:00 and the meeting will begin at 6:30. Schmidt is a good guy and a straight shooter and deer season discussions with him are interesting and informative. It will be a good meeting to attend.

Since Jimmie Trout was absent (he stayed home to watch Dancing With The Stars) we decided to put him in charge of a bunch of stuff. He was nominated by Larry S to be Chairman of the newly formed Membership Recruitment Committee, plus publish a comprehensive list of club accomplishments, plus develop a work list of items to be completed on the walking trail, plus detail repairs and improvements for the clubhouse interior so it is ready for our open-house, which he is also in charge of. Larry finished his motion by requiring Jimmie Trout to submit budget and cost analysts for all of the above. Since Jim was not there to decline the nomination, it was passed with no descending votes. Thanks, Jim.

Al The Idiot briefly mentioned the Conservation Congress Spring Hearings coming up on April 8th and promised to bring more info to the next meeting. Oh Joy!

Had a request from S.C.O.P.E. to help out with their annual Safety Instructors Appreciation Night. It is scheduled for Feb 27th in Stone Lake. Previously SCOPE has provided the meal and prizes and our club has paid the beverages and horse derves. Generally runs us a couple hundred bucks. Approved doing so again on a 1st motion by Nevin and a 2nd by Robert. u-nam-in-us.Nevin reported that our Annual Kids Fishing Expo is scheduled by April 26th. He has already talked to the

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vender about ordering the fishing poles and will be contacting the schools (Bruce, Winter, Birchwood, LCO and OLS) to get a head count on attendees. Tim Buller suggested adding some benches and signs to the walking trail and possible utilize the trail as part of the day’s event. Jimmie Trout will be all over that idea like fur on a weasel.

It’s a little known fact but Chuck Lynk is actually a part-time Game Warden and he is assigned to patrol Windfall Lake. One evening he noticed a light in Bimbo’s ice shack so Chuck put on his warden suit and burst thru the ice shack door, hoping to catch Bimbo with too many fish. Sure enough, Bimbo had two coolers filled with water, chock full of fish. Here’s how the conversation went: Waredn Chuck: Bimbo, you have too many fish. You are over the limit. A citation will be issued. Bimbo: What fish? Warden Chuck: The fish in those coolers! Bimbo: Oh, I didn’t catch those fish. They’re my pets. Warden Chuck: Pets? I don’t believe you. Bimbo: Sure they are. Every evening I bring them down to the lake and let them swim around to get some exercise. When I call them they jump back in the coolers and I take them home to their fish tank. Warden Chuck: I don’t believe you. Show me. Bimbo: OK. Watch. I’ll pour them down this hole in the ice and then I’ll call them back.

Warden Chuck waited several minutes after Bimbo poured the fish down the ice hole and then said: OK. Call them back. Bimbo: Call who back? Warden Chuck: The fish! Bimbo: What fish?

Last item on the agenda was a report by Norm that he will be putting together some ideas and associated costs regarding improvements and signage for the club’s rifle. It will probably be a late spring/early summer project.

Just as we were adjourning Dhali Lama Dean gazed reflectively once more towards the heavens and pronounced “Wise it is not for the manure spreader repairman to stand behind his work”.


NEXT MEETING MARCH 1OTH @6:00. See You there!