Exeland Rod and Gun Club

January 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes of the


Got the meeting started in fine fashion as Norm led us with the Pledge of Allegiance, a tradition past President Daryl began a few years back.

Dean Dean the Money Machine gave us the club’s financial summary. Dean’s reports are so transparent it’s like looking thru a window with no glass. Summary: we’re in good shape but could always use more so we could do more. Since we have already been accepting $20 payments for membership renewals for 2016, we discussed the possibility of a dues increase for 2017. Though the current $20 fee no longer covers our basic expenses of utilities, insurance & maintenance, we decided to not increase the dues for next year. We have a core of 25 or 30 guys who do most of the heavy lifting for the club by donating hours and hours of work and service. We don’t want to lose any of that help because of a fee increase. Membership dues ($20) are now payable. Send the club a check to P.O. Box 92, Exeland 54835, or better yet, join us at the next meeting and bring a twenty dollar bill. NOTE: Dues are payable by the date of the April 2016 meeting. Newsletters and meeting notices will not be sent after that date and you will not be eligible for a seat at the November Hunters Ball if you have not paid by April.

The Balsam Lake fish stocking program was next on the agenda. The bumbling idiot currently residing as our Prez had previously reported we would be getting no fish from the DNR this year. That statement is completely false, not uncommon for our Bozo. What is true is that the DNR will be bringing 1,000 trout this year while last year they us brought 2,000. So as the Prez was lobbying for credit of being only half wrong, the rest of the attendees discussed the possibility of the club buying trout and perhaps additional species from a commercial provider. Pricing info should be available at the February meeting.

Little Know Scientific Fact: Kangaroos cannot hop backwards.

At previous meetings we had discussed the possibility of resurrecting the Wildlife Benefit Night. The Prez called for a volunteer to act as chairman of the event and form a committee to run it. No one stepped up so this fundraiser is dead for another year. Too bad – it used to be a fun night, made the club a few bucks and was an excellent venue to showcase our club and introduce Hall of Fame inductees and Club Members of the Year.

Robert has been working diligently on the Kids Fishing Expo but not all the involved schools have gotten back to him with their number of students. He is also waiting for Zebco to reply to his request for a direct purchase of rod/reel combos to reduce our cost. SCOPE will once again be contributing $1,000 towards this event and may be able save us some sales tax dollars.

Little Known Scientific: Monarch Butterflies need milkweed plants to proliferate. Don’t know why – maybe the fuzzy interior of the pod is a good place to have sex.

The club’s annual rabbit hunt was held Saturday, Jan. 9th. Five teams (more than 20 guys) participated with hopes of dethroning the defending Champs, but in the end Larry & The Drifters (a/k/a Scott’s Ringers) prevailed again. So the bad news is we have to listen to Scott tease Denny for another whole year.

We had no “Old Biz” to discuss but a couple items popped up on the New Business radar. We will once again be providing financial support to the Bruce High School Trap Shooting team and will also pay the participation fee for the son or daughter of any club member. The second bit of new biz was setting up the club’s annual ice fishing outing. Local Ice Fish Guiding legend Dennis Kopras insisted on being in charge and scheduled the event for Jan. 30th at Windfall Lake @ 9:AM. Tournament Headquarters will be on the lake in front of Dean Johnson’s home. Dean will be roasting wienies, but not his own. Prizes to be awarded at Skinny Dippers Bar in the early afternoon.

Widely Known Scientific Fact: Jiminey Trout is the worst ice fisherman in North America.

Monthly meetings of the Exeland Rod & Gun Club are the 2nd Sunday of each month. The 2nd Sunday of this month happens to be February 14th, Valentines Day. We’re too smart to schedule a meeting for that date. Our next meeting will FRIDAY, FEB. 12TH @ 6:30. After the meeting, construction paper and crayons will be available for guys who forgot to buy cards.

SEE YOU AT THE MEETING - Remember to pay your dues.