Exeland Rod and Gun Club

EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB Minutes of the January 16, 2017 monthly meeting
Dates to Remember: next meeting is February 19 th (Sunday) @ 6:30. Ice Fishing outing is February 18 th
(Saturday) on Windfall Lake – 9:am to 3:pm
Minutes: It was a good meeting with a full agenda but we still need to get more members to attend. More attendance means more discussion which means better decisions. As a member you have 2 options: stay at home on the couch or come to the meetings, drink cheap beer and be a part of something great. Your choice.

Dollar Dean has our finances in fine order. In rough numbers, we got $24k in the General Account and $7K in the Fund Raising account. Those dollars won’t last forever – Norm is shopping for a Trout Fest ATV and we have several unfinished and un-funded projects to complete this spring. If you’d like a more detailed account of our finances just ask Dean for a report. Our books are always open for review by any member.

With all seasons now closed the buck pool winners were announced. Glenn Schwarz won the Hunters Ball pool and Mike Granica won the Archery Pool. Mike announced he’d like to donate his winnings back to the club and had 2 suggestions for its use: 1) use the money to buy a raffle prize; or (2) buy the President $50 worth of beer. A vote was held and by a narrow margin of 15-1 the Prez went thirsty.

The annual club Rabbit Hunt was scheduled for Jan. 21 st . Meet at 8:30 and return by 3:00. No team entry fee nor post-hunt meal. No cash award to winning team but the bragging rights are priceless. Ring & Sander are defending champs.

See date and time shown above for Ice Fishing outing. Meal and beverages on the ice. Prizes for top fish in 4 or 5 categories. Dean could use some extra firewood. Always a good day and the great thing about Windfall is the bottle bass are plentiful, easy to catch, and provide lots of fish stories.

The 25 th Trout Fest was next on the docket. New (classier) staff shirts were approved, as was a total revamp of the club’s float (memo: that project will need to be jumped on right away in the spring so the float is ready for the summer parade season). Also, a larger or an additional cooler is needed at the softball field.

Jill Steen from the Green Party has requested a recount of the club’s recent Presidential Election. She wasn’t on the original ballot, got 0% of the popular vote but wants to exercise her constitutional rights. Polls will be open March 1 st at the clubhouse and the Weirgor and Murry Town Halls.

A brief discussion regarding a club awards banquet/wildlife feed didn’t get much traction so the idea was dropped.

Things to do in 2017: build new & better bar in the large pavilion, repair both Balsam Lake docks and landscape around the clubhouse. Due to high water it was decided to not replace the Windfall Lake dock and when the ice goes out we’ll attempt to pull the hazardous guard rail and replace it with large boulder riprap.

Mike Paul informed us a Safety Instructor re-certification class will be conducted at the Birchwood Bobcat Snowmobile clubhouse on Feb. 18 th . No charge and more instructors are needed so feel free to attend. The only requirement is you have to have already completed the course as a student.

Mike is also a member of the Sawyer County Deer Advisory Council. He asked what our opinions were regarding herd size, predator populations, baiting/feeding and the new tagging system. Mike will be lobbying hard for at least another year or two of no quota (doe) tags. Hope he wins.

The past 2 meeting we’ve discussed the necessity of establishing a “facilities manager” position. At the February meeting we’ll make a final decision and establish a compensation level if approved.

Final agenda item was our “Wall of Fame” board in the clubhouse. It is beginning to look a little shabby, hasn’t been updated in years and takes up a lot of wall space. Ryan Thome suggested it be used to display annual Buck Pool winners, Trout Fest Grand Marshall, perhaps a picture of the Trout Fest Queen, Elvis, Hall of Fame Inductees, Club Member of the Year, etc. Great idea Ryan! You’re in charge.

Good Quote: When asked what he thinks about General Mattis being consider as Secretary of Defense, Rob O’Neill (the man who killed Bin Laden) said: “General Mattis has a bear rug in his home – it is not dead, it’s just afraid to move”.


Rabbit Hunt Report: Though the weather was cold and wet more than 20 members showed up for the hunt. Rabbits have been sparse, but there’s a good partridge population so targets were plentiful. After 6 hours of getting soaked the hunters returned to the clubhouse and tallied the results. Some teams bagged a few grouse but no bunnies. The team of Denny, Conner, Jim & Al had 3 rabbits for a 3 rd place finish. The Lynksters also got 3 hoppers but one of theirs was a rare snowshoe so that team got 2 nd . The Grand Prize once again went to Larry, Scott, Doug, Mike, Tyler and Tanner. It was no contest – the back of their truck was full of dead stuff. It was like Men vs. Boys. It was like when the Russian Red Army Hockey team used professionals in the Olympics and all the other countries used amateurs. They are a S.W.A.T. team – Special Weapons And Tactics. They use spot and stalk. They ambush. They raid. They deploy smoke bombs. They surround an area, scorch the earth, then collect the dead. Shock and Awe. Fast. Efficient. Deadly. Killers. Collateral damage? No problem. Doug peppered his own lawn mower shed then retrieved the carcass of a riddled cottontail. They conducted a clandestine raid on an Angora base camp and took no prisons. Simply put, they are the best rabbit hunters ever. Over the years of their reign this team has been known by many names – Larry & The Drifters, Scott’s Ringers, BDS (Bunny Death Squad). Now it’s time to grant them the label they have earned. A name that will strike fear at the very core of all they pursue.

Henceforth and forevermore they shall be known as - SQUEAL TEAM SIX .