Exeland Rod and Gun Club


Minutes of the Jan. 12, 2013 Annual Meeting

What is the definition of a “Marathon”? (a) 26.2 mile race (b) length of the new Prez’s meetings (c)both A&B.

21 Members present plus 4 more straggled in late.

The boredom began at 9:am with what the Prez called an “Annual” meeting. He said corporations have them to prevent lawsuits (with this fool at the helm that’s a definite possibility). Motion by Robert D., 2nd by Mike W. to approve actions of officers/trustees in 2012 (too late to do anything about it anyway). Motion Dale T. 2nd by George S. to approve election of officers/trustees for 2013/14(means we’re stuck with what/who we got for 2 f*#^&!@* years!). Motion by Bud H. 2nd by Jimmie Trout to approve Chippewa Valley Bank and Dairyland State Bank as depositories for 2013. Authorized the Pres, Vice Pres, Treas to write checks/withdrawals from the general fund and same plus Trout Fest Chr form the Fund Raising account. Had a brief discussion about rewriting/changing/amending the By-Laws. The Prez had promised to review them but claimed a month long Beer Front had moved in, preventing any action. The By-Law review will be conducted at a later date, weather permitting. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned and members migrated towards the bar. The Prez quickly called them back into session. He was just getting warmed up. The “regular” meeting was about to begin.

Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting (same date/time/place – but even less exciting)

Editor’s Comment: If you let a herd of chickens wade thru a puddle of ink and then dance on a sheet of paper the result would be more legible than our Secretary’s notes. Please forgive the author of this document for any mistakes or omissions. The Prez promises to improve on the accuracy of the minutes and the secretary’s penmanship.

Old Business Approved last month’s minutes which most had either forgotten or not read. Our numerically challenged Treasurer, Decimal Dean, gave us a very complete accounting of last year’s finances. He had every dime and dollar listed and categorized. We were too impressed to even ask questions. Not sure (can’t read) but it looks like we may have $7,021.82 in the CVB and $2,010 in DSB (but some of the chicken scratching might be chicken shit and since I can’t read shit you can understand my problem) so don’t take these numbers as gospel. I’ll get it right next month. I promise. Also discussed establishing some minimum balance amounts to not let our accounts fall below in case of emergency such as needing a new roof or, heaven forbid, having an empty refrigerator. Not sure what amounts (apparently the chicken missed a step).

Next had a good discussion about “1st Deer” plagues that we’ve presented to young hunters in the past. On a motion by Jim and 2nd by Doug Z approved the following guidelines: recipients will be children or grandchildren of a club member or a graduate of our Hunted Ed class. Age 18 or less and it is the responsibility the hunter or club member to notify us when a plaque has been earned. This has a chance to go well because the Prez has nothing to do with it.

Declared Marksman Mike Granica winner of the 2012 Archery Buck Pool. Mike humbly accepted the award by declaring he’s a better bow shoot than Robin Hood and when he grows up he wants to be just like Ted Nugent. We automatically put Mike on Membership Probation and may require a drug test. There seems to be some confusion each year about how run our buck pools. Dale, Rod, Denny and Al will present a printed guideline to the club for approval at a later date.

New Business Double D (Decimal Dean) will present a 2013 Budget at the next meeting to give us a clear view on what it costs to run the club annually (postage, insurance, utilities, etc). Those numbers were probably in his annual report but we’ll look at them again.

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Officially approved March 16th at Couderay Riverside Golf Course as the date and location of the annual Wildlife Banquet Gun Raffle. Will limit the number of tickets to 125, with club members having 1st option to buy (SEE ATTACHED NOTICE). Set the ticket price at $50 and approved giving 2 free tickets to the dealers that will be doing the gun registrations that evening. Norm, Mike, Jack & Nevin are co-chairmen. Once again, see attached notice for ticket info.

The Clubs’ annual Pheasant hunt was scheduled to begin at 11:AM this day at Thompson’s Game Farm and the Prez announced he was ready to hunt! All eyes turned toward the windows to see if the weather had improved. The wind was blowing at a steady 20mph with gusts up to 30. The temperature was 8 degrees and falling faster than underpants at a Queer Convention. Pheasant Farmer Dale said we could still have the hunt but suggested postponing until the next weekend. Motion approved by all but the Prez who said he weren’t no sissy like all the rest – he was a Man’s Man – he’d hunt come hell or high water. Turns out his statement may have been false bravado because 30 seconds later he got a paper cut and damn near fainted. The club agreed to pay for 2 birds per member.

Established February 16th as the date of the Annual Ice Fishing outing on Windfall Lake. Event HQ will be the shore by Dean’s house. Fishing will begin at 9:am until 3:pm with Happy Hour from 6:am until midnight. We will figure out fish category prizes, etc. at the February 10th monthly meeting.

Next had a good productive discussion on when to cut off sending membership renewal notices to unpaid members. In previous years Nevin had continued to send notices throughout the year for 2 reasons – (1) in hopes of getting more renewals and (2) to distribute Trout Fest Raffle tickets. That worked good for distributing and selling raffle tickets but not so good for collecting unpaid membership dues. In the end it was decided to discontinue sending notices after April. Members not paid by then will no longer get notices nor this horseshit newsletter nor any other club benefits, rifle range, trap range, pavilion clubhouse, cheap beer, fishing tips from Jimmie Trout, how to cheat at cribbage, etc, etc, etc.

Decided to have a “Open House” later this spring. Will coordinate it with the Village Clean-up Day. The clubhouse needs a sprucing up and thorough cleaning, maybe even re-painting on the inside) and we’ll make plans to do so in February. VP Jack brought a good point – if the clubhouse gets used in between meetings, the users’ needs to leave it clean (i.e. empty the garbage, wash the dishes and so forth. We appear to have a rodent living inside. Doug jumped up and made a motion to hire Leo to set up a trapline. Doug suggested paying him a bounty plus he can keep the fur. Jack said he’d first try a mouse trap with peanut butter and if that don’t work we’ll bring in our Pro.

The Annual Rabbit Hunt was schedule for January 26th. We moved it up from February, as it had been a few years back. Partridge season will still be open. Other years hunters would occasionally find a dead one in the woods and have to sneak it home. Of course none of us would ever shoot a grouse out of season. So that’s not an issue now. Decided no entry fee this year – use this very fun event as a recruiting tool to get new members. Time and space permitting, a report on this year’s hunt will follow, if not this month, next month for sure.

Denny volunteered to review and suggest updates for our in-house plaque display (trophy deer, fish, Hall of Fame, etc.). We’ll try to have that ready before the Open House.

Still have a bit of work to do on a couple of our club projects. The walking trail we built last year needs some signs and markers. Jim will bring suggestions and a budget to a meeting later this spring. The Gun Range is an area of concern. We certainly want to avoid any liability issues. Mike and Norm volunteered to work on this and report back.

George’s cell phone just rang for the 2nd time. Obviously he has two more friends than Jim.

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Decided to donate a couple of cases of water to the Exeland Area Association “Packer Tailgate Party” to be held on the Frozen Tundra of main street later today. Good event hosted by a good organization. Lots of beer, brats, & BS! (Post-script: This was the 2nd year for the tailgate party. After last year’s party the Pack whupped by the Giants. After this year’s party the Pack got thumped by the 49ers. Mike McCarthy called and asked the Association to no longer host Packer Tailgate Parties. He kept mumbling something about the Curse of Bimbo Gifford.

Last piece of business was approval of a $100 donation to the Rusk County ATV club for their trail map.


If you want a ticket to the March 16th Gun Banquet at Couderay Riverside Golf Course, come to the Rod & Gun Club meeting on February 10th (6:30pm). If you can not attend the meeting contact someone who will be there pick up a ticket for you. On February 11th the remaining tickets will be made available to ticketholders (attendees) of last year’s banquet. On March 1st tickets will go on sale to the general public. Information on leftover tickets will published in the March newsletter, but as a member, your best chance to getting a ticket will be to attend the Feb. 10th meeting.

News Flash

Rabbit Hunting Results Are Officially Reported!

22 members and quests participated

Team Ringo Starr (captained by Scott and Larry) harvest 9 bunnies and are hereby declared “2013 Rabbit Hunting Champions of Exeland”. They will have bragging rights for 1 full year. Scott was gracious as victor stating, “the cream finally rose to the top.”

The Murry/Meadowbrook Mashers (captained by Rod, Denny & John) downed 6 rabbits and also collected 6 partridge to retain their “total body count” title.

Team ”Hunt Like A ‘Cane” (captained by Curt) finished with 6 bunnies and 1 bird but Curt claims being handicapped for having to drag Jim and Al along on the hunt.

The “Missing Links” (captained by Chuck Lynk & Jim Tate) got a grand total of 3. Bottom Line: they ain’t very good rabbit hunts.

Tim & Robert just sort of wandered around and then showed up to drink beer.

Those who can remember said a good time was had by all.

The End

Define “marathon” – typing thise damn minutes using 2 fingers.