Exeland Rod and Gun Club


January 12, 2018 meeting minutes

Relentless.” “Tougher than us.” “The cream rose to the top.” “The cold made us weaker but made them stronger.” “The old dynasty is back.” “More determination.” “Better shots – Bigger balls.” ……a few of the comments from Squeal Team Six after this year’s rabbit hunt.

Dean got the meeting rolling with his financial report and he was pleased to announce we’re still well in the black: $23,000 in the General acc’t and $5,300 in the Activity/Fund Raising acc’t. Dean also mentioned 2018 dues are now payable so watch your notices to be sure your membership has been renewed. And don’t be afraid to recruit some new blood, especially young guys.

Robert has been too busy to be much assistance to Dean regarding logistic and secretarial functions. Steve Rousle (a new member) is stepping in to give Dean a hand with these chores for the rest of the year. Thanks Steve. (ps: Dean would like to buy you many many beers.)

Next on the agenda we heard from young member Chance Brown. He is a student at UW Stevens Point studying Fish Biology. This summer Chance will be conducting a research project on a couple lakes in our area to study the Bowfin species a/k/a Dogfish, which is perhaps the ugliest fish you’ll see. But they play an important role in the overall scheme of things by helping control rough fish and invasive species populations. Chance’s study will be partially funded by a grant from UW-SP and we agreed to help cover the rest of the cost.

Set a date of Feb 17th for the annual club ice fishing outing. Discussed possibly moving the site to a different lake (better chance of catching more fish) but ultimately decided to remain at Windfall because it is close and convenient. And because Dean does all the work (we may be lazy but we’re not stupid.) I didn’t write down the start/stop time so I’m saying it begins when we get there and ends when we leave. More exact details will be available at the Feb 11th meeting or by asking Denny or Rod.

There was a discussion about a year end (2017) awards banquet but the two (Jim & Al) organizers didn’t take the bait. Possible (probable) a 2018 banquet will be set-up for December.

Max Wolter, DNR Fish Biologist for Sawyer County, is conducting a Fisheries Forum in Hayward on Feb. 15th. Our club prez and possibly a couple other members may attend. It will be a good chance to brag about a few of our accomplishments and stay on the DNR’s radar for future trout stocking in Balsam Lake.

Dean is going to order a “big check” so when we get asked for a monetary donation (Bruce High School ice fishing and trap shooting teams, etc, etc) we can get our picture in the newspaper as we make the presentation.

Next meeting is Sunday February 11th @ 6:30. Bring a friend.

Jiminey Trout has asked for permission to be absent as he would like to stay home to watch the preliminary rounds of the Olympic ice dancing competition. Jim says the Lithuanian and French teams are very strong this year, as are Norway, Canada and Denmark. And, according to Jim, you can never count out those sneaky Russians and Chinese. The Americans will need flawless programs if they hope to make it to the medal rounds. Jim said he will be very proud of our brave ice dancers, even if they don’t win the gold. USA ! USA ! USA ! USA !

Probable Agenda topics

2018 Meeting Calender - Ice Fishing Outing Plans - ATV Routes

March meeting Guest Speaker - Trapper Ed. Class - Fishing Expo