Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Minutes of the 1-12-14 Exeland Rod & Gun Club meeting

Not too many in attendance for this meeting. Most members probably still licking their wounds from the Packers latest “one – n – done” playoff appearance. Maybe next year.

Once again Dean’s financial report was flawless. We’ve a little better than 16 grand in the bank and no outstanding bills. A late Trout Fest bill for $1500 had shown up. It was for a metal chicken flipper that had been ordered (and delivered) months ago. We’d been quoted around $800 then got billed almost twice that amount. In the future we’ll have Chuck Lynk build this sort of stuff – he’s like Leonardo da Vinci, but with a welder instead of a paint brush.

Next we decided to move our deposit accounts to the local bank in town. It will be more convenient plus the gal that manages the bank does a ton of work for us every Trout Fest. Staying in the financial arena, we designated account signers for our next fiscal year. Fortunately Dean keeps a close eye on the club prez and prevents him from throwing free beer parties at the Rock Castle.

Annual Membership dues are again payable and Dean & Robert will continue to send notices to unpaid members thru March. You can pay your membership at the meetings or by mailing a check to the club at P.O.Box 92, Exeland 54835. Cost is $20 for the year and a membership will come with many benefits, including a monthly newsletter written by a jackass.

Norm won the archery buck pool with a bony little 5 pointer. Even he commented that it’s a sad state of affairs when the local deer population is so low that a buck this size wins the pool and it was one of only 2 bucks shot by archers in the pool. After buying a round of beer, Norm pocketed about $11. Nice win.

The DNR reported an all time high rabbit population so they’ve extended the season and have made available an unlimited quantity of bunny doe tags. Extra bunny bucks tags can be purchased at the Exeland Depot, Frontier Salon, Rock Castle and Murry Wal-Mart.

Jim interrupted the meeting to announce he has started writing a 4th book. This edition will be a self biography titled “Nitwit of the North”. He certainly should have plenty of material to work with.

Our committee that put together the dwindling deer herd article did a helluva job. The article appeared in numerous newspapers and the positive response has been incredible. The same group of guys will be composing a follow-up piece in hopes of keeping pressure on the DNR Game Mgrs to eliminate antlerless deer tags for a couple of years to allow the herd to rebuild itself.

Under old biz Jack Weisser thanked the club for having him and Sheila as last year’s Trout Fest Grand Marshals. Jack, you got it backwards. The club owes you a Thank You for honoring us.

Another piece of old biz, Jim wants to bring back the monthly raffles. He’d brought a dandy looking shotgun to raffle off but we didn’t have enough members in attendance to swing it at this meeting. We’ll try it again at the February 9th monthly meeting.

Scheduled our annual ice-fishing outing for Feb. 15th from 9-3 in front of Skinny-Dippers Bar on Windfall Lake. Don’t let the name fool you – keep your clothes on. More details at the Feb 9th monthly meeting.

Remember to pay you membership dues ($20) and hope to see you at the next meeting Feb 9th – 6:30