Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

Minutes of the 12-9-2016 meeting

Got the meeting rollin’ with Dean’s Treasury update. He said we’re in good shape but as I looked around the room I assume he meant financially, not physically. We have about 30,000 bucks in our accounts and all the bills are paid. Word has been received that SCOPE will again be donating $1000 towards the Kids Fishing Expo in May.

Jimmy Trout said the Nov. Hunters Ball was again successful and enjoyable, especially for Robert Deach who won enough stuff to stock a Cabela’s store. Jim would like to run this event again in 2017 but wants nothing to do with having to purchase the 9 or 10 guns that are given away. Fair enough – Jim already does plenty and has his hands full setting up the games and contests. We’ll need to find different member to be our gun buyer.

Since the 2016 gun deer season had just concluded we went around the room and each member in attendance had a chance report on how their season went. Some crews and individuals had success and others didn’t. The general consensus was the local herd size was up somewhat but no one reported seeing an overabundance by any means. Our recommendation to Mike Paul’s Deer Advisory Council will be to again restrict the shooting of does and fawns. Zero quota.

Norm Rademaker won the $50 club Buck Pool with a dandy 8 pointer that had a 20+ inside spread. Rod Brown, Conner Kopras, Dave Gerber and Kris Daniels also shot nice bucks. None of those guys were in the Hunters Ball pool. At last report Glen Schwarz’s 21 ½ “Radio Flyer” (it had a DNR radio collar and Glen had been seeing it on and off for 3 yrs) leads the pool and will win the $150 prize. Mike Granica leads the $50 club archery pool with a 25 ½ score. Bow season closes Jan. 8th.

Al gave an update on a proposed ATV route into Exeland from Weirgor. The Radisson/Exeland ATV Club successfully petitioned the Township to pass an ordinance to allow use of the existing snowmobile route plus use 500 feet of Highway 48 to connect to the Canaday Road. It is now in the hands of the DOT and they have indicated they will endorse the project. George Sishman reported the extension of the I-94 Trail to Serley Camp has been hampered by wet ground but is scheduled to proceed as soon as the ground dries out. October opening?

The club’s annual Rabbit Hunt is scheduled for Jan. 21st. Scott Ring said his team is like the Packers winning the NFC North – it happens pretty much every year. Meet at the clubhouse and hunting begins at 8:30am.

Club projects for 2017 will include the Windfall Lake boat landing and beach improvement, application for a DNR grant to upgrade our rifle/trap shooting ranges, and construction of chainlink fencing at the softball field. The fencing (280 feet) has been donated by the owners of the Exeland Elementary School but our club will need to take it down and move it. Free material but it’s gonna’ be labor intensive. New projects are always welcome so bring your ideas to the next meeting. There are no bad ideas – just some we can do – some we can’t.

The 2017 Trout Festival will be our 25th Anniversary of that event and we’ve decided to go big – new shirts, fireworks display, expand the parade, add more attractions if we can, etc etc. Jim Gerber has been named 2017 Grand Marshall. Very much deserved. He ain’t called “Jimmie Trout” for no reason.

Under “Old” & “New” business we discussed scheduling an ice fishing outing for February, possibly resurrecting the Wildlife Benefit, and getting an ATV purchased ASAP as the Trout Fest Raffle Grand Prize.

As do annually, we re-visited setting the membership dues for the upcoming year. Dues will remain at $20. Any member not paid by April will be deleted from the mailing list and will not be eligible for club awards, use of club facilities or attendance to the Hunters Ball. Easy solution – send your 20 bucks right away (P.O. Box 92) or better yet, bring your payment to the next meeting.

Now for a bit of Bad News – election of officers for 2017-2018. In an obvious moment of lost sanity the members re-elected Al as President. This will be his 3rd two year term. In the annals of club history, the years 2012 thru 2018 will be known as “The Dark Times”. Ryan Thome became the new VP, Robert Deach remains as Secretary, as does Dean Johnson in the Treasure role. Denny retained the Bartender job and Jim will continue as clubhouse custodian and Trout Fest Chairman. Elected as Trustees are Rod Brown, Bud Hover and Gene Catura. Except for the top spot, the club has a strong & wise group steering the ship.

At the January meeting there will be a discussion to possibly create a new position, that of Facilities Manager. Over the past few years our club grown, accumulating many assets, responsibilities and civic expectations. Relying on “volunteers” to keep every facet organized and functional is difficult, almost impossible, to do. The position of Facilities Manager would coordinate all of those efforts. It would be a big responsibility and would probably require a “24/7 On Call” contact status. That type of commitment from a single member may need to be compensated. Details of job description and possible pay will be discussed at our next meeting. As a member, your input is important, welcome and appreciated. Please attend.

Since the Packers will probably make the play-offs (even though NFL Guru brain-dead Jimmie Trout loudly proclaimed they would not) our next meeting will be Friday – Jan. 6th @ 6:30. Lots of important stuff to cover. Be there.