Exeland Rod and Gun Club



Election of Officers (2 yr term)

First the bad news – Daryl Kinnear decided to step down as President. Daryl had done the job for 3 terms and figured it was time for a change. Now the really bad news – Al Gerber got elected to replace him so the club may be looking at our first presidential impeachment. Maybe we’ll have better luck than the Feds had running Bill Clinton out of Washington. One ray of hope – Jack Weisser is the new VP and he may be able to keep a handle on Al’s antics for awhile. (Editor’s Note: Al runs for office every year but this is his 1st election win since getting a unanimous ballot victory as Village Idiot back in ’96) Other elected offices were: Nevin Zezza Secretary; Dean Johnson Treasure; Norm Rademaker Legislative Officer; Jimmie Trout as Jimmie Trout. Trustees for the next 2 years will be: Daryl Kinnear, Gene Caturia, Mike Waite & Mike Paul. Burp Kopras remains as Club Bartender.

Dean gave his Dollars & Sense Report and the bottom line is the club is in healthy financial shape. At our next meeting (Jan.13th) Dean will present a full summary of last year’s operating expenses. That will give us a pretty good handle on how many dollars we can invest back into the community in the form of projects and improvements. We have already committed $2,500 towards another pavilion in Swan Creek Park. It’s a co-op project with the Exeland Association that will start as soon as weather permits.

Nevin asked for and was granted permission to order a canoe for the Wildlife Benefit gun banquet later this spring. Cost will be in the $250 ballpark.

Speaking of the Gun Banquet, there was a discussion about moving it back to late April vs mid March and then hosting it ourselves in the big pavilion rather than taking it out of town as we have the past 2 or 3 years. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of this at the Jan & Feb meetings.

Set January 12th at 10:AM as the date/time of the annual club hunt at Thompson’s Game Farm. Members only but bring a friend and we’ll sign him up. Forecast: lots of shooting and plenty of beverages after the hunt. Dale guarantees both.

Also set January 26th as the date for the Rabbit Hunt. Details will be finalized at the Jan. 13th meeting. Does anyone remember who won it last year? Or the year before that? Or the year before that?

In order to avoid liability issues we need to establish some firm rules regarding use of the club’s rifle range. That will be an agenda topic at the next meeting. Also to be discussed: membership dues, membership recruitment and increased meeting attendance, occasionally having guest speakers, future projects, 2013 budget, banquet location, providing club president with a new truck & atv.

NEXT MEETING: Jan 13th @ 6:30 (subject to Packer game time) BRING A FRIEND or NEW/ OLD MEMBER

Parting thought: comparing Al’s hunting skills to Jim’s is like comparing Davey Crocket’s to Elmer Fudd’s