Exeland Rod and Gun Club



FEBRUARY 8TH @ 6:30pm


Got the meeting started with only 10 braves soles. Don’t know where the hell all the rest of the guys where – maybe they knew it was election night – but we can’t get much decision making input out of 10 guys. Maybe attendance will be better Feb 8th when we celebrate a Packer Super Bowl victory.

Dean gave a treasure report and the bottom line is the club’s in good financial shape. The only major expense on the horizon is the Kids Fishing Expo which runs $2,500 to $3,000 per year. We’ll also be doing some improvements to the large & small pavilions in the spring and we’ll be looking at acquiring a mower for the nature trail.

The next discussion was about the recently completed gun deer season. In a nutshell – it sucked. Al is chairman of the County Deer Advisory Council (that group has a meeting scheduled for Dec 10th) so he and council member Mike Paul will be lobbying hard for another year (hopefully for more than 1 year) of no doe tags. Gotta’ start rebuilding the herd.

Jim gave a report on the Hunters Ball. He did a helluva’ job setting up the games and contests and the whole evening was a blast. We did have some issue with non-members wanting to get in so at this meeting we voted to strictly enforce the “members only” requirement.

Al Gerber won the Buck Pool with a dandy 8ptr (long heavy beams w/20” inside spread).

Last year we had to cancel the Rabbit Hunt because the snow was asshole deep on a tall horse. So we moved the event to Dec. 27th at 8:30. Grouse season will still be open. Birds won’t be added to the tally but should provide additional targets. The Ringers are defending champs.

Just for a change of pace, Denny Kopras wants to move the Ice Fishing outing away from Windfall Lake. Good idea, Denny – you’re in charge. Date and Place to be announced at the Feb 8th meeting.

Al will check on the possibility of a Gun Banquet in Villiard’s garage in March or April. We ‘ll take a serious look this in February. Dean figured him and Bimbo could bring a meal in at around $8/$10 per plate (that’s about half price from our last banquet).

Now for the bad news – we had election of officers and there will be no changes for the next two years. Here’s the line-up: Al-Prez; Jack-VP; Dean-$; Rbt-Sec; Jim-Trout Fest; Den-Barkeep; Trustees – Daryl, Mike W, Norm, Mike P. Robert was weeping as he left the building.

Your 2015 Membership Dues are now payable. The amount remains at $20. Dean & Robert will be including a notice in our next mailing.

Let’s make a serious effort to get 30 members at our next meeting on February 8th!

And bring a friend!!

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the 2015 Exeland Rod & Gun Club/New York Times Bestseller Book list:

(1)How To Track A Wounded Doe BY Scott Ring (2) How To Shrink Your Fishing Partner BY Dean Johnson (3) How To Raise A 200 Pound Lab BY Dale Thompson (4) How To Screw Up A Baseball Season BY Ron Roenicke (5) How To Empty A Beer Cooler BY Bud Hover (6) How Electrocute Fish BY Jimmie Trout (7) How To Raise Predators BY Wis DNR (8) How Not To Prepare For A Championship Game by UW Coaching Staff (9) How To Search For Deer Antler Whiling Spreading Manure BY Mike Grinell (10) How To Use A Fish Scaler Bucket To Make Bluegill Mush BY Denny Kopras (11) How To Prepare Your First Ever Rabbit Kill For The Taxidermist BY Rbt Deach (12) How To Burn Chili BY Al Gerber (13) How To Teach Your Dad To Hunt BY Justin Gordon, Chance Brown & Conner Kopras (14) How To Pick Winning Gun Raffle Tickets BY Ben Sihsman with foreword by John Deach (15) How To Make A Coach Look Good BY Aaron Rodgers