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Monthly Meeting Notice

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

Sunday, Jan. 12th @ 6:30**

**subject to change based on Packers march thru the play-offs**

December 15, 2013 meeting minutes

Dean reported we’re in good shape financially, actually a bit better than a year ago because we’ve already paid for next year’s Trout Fest 4 wheeler. Considering that Dean doesn’t see, hear or count very well he does pretty good with our finances. Other than that, he’s okay.

We discussed the need for a Club Secretary and Bob Deach stepped up and took the position. Considering that Robert doesn’t see, hear or count very well he should fit right in with Dean. Well, maybe not. Dean is a computer whiz – Robert a midget. Have to see how it goes.

Next was a review of the 2013 Deer Gun season which can be summed up in 2 words – It really f**kin’ sucked! ( that’s more than 2 words but Dean & Robert can’t count so it’s okay) So we formed a committee to notify the powers that be to reduce the numbers of doe tags (gun & bow) for at least 2 years to try to rebuild the local herd. Going to go directly to the Gov, DNR Secretary and Natural Resources Board since the local and regional game managers just don’t get it. See if that works.

Daryl Kinnear won this year’s buck pool. Shot a small 8 pointer as it raced thru thick brush 241 yards away in a foggy, windy blizzard at sub-zero temp. Kinnear said only an expert master marksman such as himself would have gotten job done. Right.

In order to complete an exercise in stupidity we scheduled a Rabbit Hunt for Jan. 25th. Let’s see – the snow is asshole deep on a tall lumberjack, temps are forecast to stay lower than whale shit for the next month and there ain’t no rabbits. Yep – sounds like a good plan. Will be further discussed at the Jan 12th meeting.

Tabled the scheduling of a March gun banquet. Didn’t do so hot last year plus the facility closed. May try a “pavilion” event in the spring time.

We’re looking for a few projects to do and discussed a new bar counter, possibly some permanent refrigeration upgrades, maybe even adding a banquet hall on to the existing clubhouse. Food for thought.

Reminder – archery season ends 1-5-14. If you were in the pool and shot one, let us know.