Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Exeland Rod & Gun Club

Minutes of the Sept. 22, 2017 meeting

Dean Dean the Money Machine reported post-Trout Fest account balances of $6,100 in the Fund Raising account and $30,950 in the General Fund. Trout Fest bills will trickle in for a few more weeks but it looks like our gross sales were $59,000 and we showed a net profit of $21,000. (Prior year profits were: 2016 @ $18,700; 2015 @$15,500; 2014 @ $13,700; 2013 @ $15,400; 2012 @ $11,800). We received donations in the form of gravel (A-1 Excavation), cooler moving (NW Refrig), and installation (Winco). Give all those boys a “thanks” next time you see them.

One more Trout Fest comment: the new hats and shirts were a hit. Now instead of looking like a bunch of clowns, bums and drunks we look like a well dressed bunch of clowns, bums and drunks.

With summer winding down we scheduled dock removal for Sept 26th and fence teardown for Oct 4th. The rock base placed around the informational sign at County C looks so good we decided to do the same thing at the Nature Trail sign.

Jiminey Trout ran thru some preliminary Hunters Ball set-up info and George reported the ATV trail from I-94 to Serley Camp is now open. Closed the meeting by approving up to $5,300 to buy an ATV for next year’s Trout Fest raffle.

A doctor finished a medical exam of an 83 year old gal and told her, “Madam, you are in very good health. May I ask you, Do you and your husband still have intercourse?” The gal replied, “Just a minute. I’ll ask my husband.” With that she threw open the exam room door and hollered into the crowded waiting area, “ Earle, do we still have intercourse?”. The waiting room went completely silent but Earle was unabashed and loudly responded, “Irma I’ve told you a hundred times – we have Blue Cross!”

The End

Minutes of the Oct. 13, 2017 monthly meeting

Dean said we got money. I didn’t write down how much. If Dean wants me to report stuff like that he has to get me the info before my 2nd 12pk.

Robert said the docks are all out and a little beat up. Repairs will be need prior to reinstalling them next spring. Some of the benches and sign posts may also require some attention. The home run fence is down and the usable parts and posts will be hauled to the Rock Castle and possibly be incorporated into traversing a wet spot on the new ATV trail. Robert additionally reported all our buildings are closed up and ready for winter.

Jiminey Trout said the Hunters Ball is about ready and only 9 tickets remain. Dean is handling ticket sales and the potluck meal. Greg has all of the guns ordered. The last gun I won was a muzzle loader. It had to be a muzzle loader because it was so long ago rim and center fire rifles hadn’t been invented yet. The event is scheduled for Nov 3rd at 6pm.

S.C.O.P.E. sent a memo to have any request for donations from their group to be turned in ASAP. For the past several years they have contributed $1,000 towards our annual Kids Fishing Expo.

Al declared himself Club Trap Shooting Champion. He said he was the only shooter with perfect attendance and felt he deserved more than the participation ribbon he normally receives.

Once a decade Jim comes up with a good idea and it happened at the October meeting. Jim wants us to sponsor a field trip for our youth members to the local pheasant farm. We agreed and approved up to $400 to cover the cost of the birds plus some extra to buy an appropriate amount of ammo. Good idea. We’ll see how it goes and may look at doing it again next year.

We adjourned ……..and beer flowed freely into the night………….

Minutes of the Nov 3rd Meeting

At the 1980 Olympics when the USA hockey team beat the Russians, sports announcer Al Michaels screamed into the microphone “…… DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!??” Had Mr. Michaels been at our November meeting he could have said that again.


Al Gerber won a gun.

(so did 9 other guys but that’s just details)

Minutes of the Dec 8th 2017 meeting

Deano the Dino says were still solvent – in fact we’ve got the roughly $3,000 more in our accounts than we did at the same time last year. Our balances are $4,800 in the fund-raising account and $23,200 in the general fund. We’ve already paid for a 2018 Polaris ATV for next year’s Trout Festival prize.

Robert reported we had a freezer go down and wondered if he should buy a new one or look for another used unit. We decided to go new, so Robert and Jack will figure out what size and have it on hand before Trout Fest next year.

There was a brief report that the ATV club will soon be placing culverts in the wet area of the trail near the Rock Castle. We’ll wait to see if that group needs our manpower or financial support.

Jim said the Youth Pheasant was a huge success. He had 10 shooters and we paid for 2 birds each of them. Of the 20 birds put out 13 got bagged so the kids shot pretty well. They had a great time and were very grateful.

Eric is leading the archery buck pool with an 8 pointer that has a 17 ¼ spread. There is a 3 way tie in the gun pool at 25 ½ points: Jack 9 + 16 ½ ; Kris 9 + 16 ½ ; Mike 10 + 15 ½ . Jack and Mike were in the Hunters Ball pool so they will split the $145 pot. All 3 guys will share the $50 Club pool.

The deer season review by the members present was sort of a mixed bag. Some saw more deer than a year ago – some saw less. Two disturbing facts: (1) a special interest forestry group in Sawyer Co was able to get 200 additional antlerless tags issued without any input from the public or the County Deer Advisory Council; (2) the minimum age limit for purchasing a deer license has been waved. It’s a joke. We may have to fire up our propaganda machine to see if we can embarrass the political nitwits enough to put the train back on the tracks.

2018 membership dues will remain at $20 and notices will begin going out next month. Al’s suggestion that the Club President get a free pass did not travel far.

Took a vote and by a narrow margin decided to keep the monthly meeting on Friday night for at least one more month. So the next meeting will be Jan 12th. The club rabbit hunt will be Saturday Jan 13th. Watch for more announcements.

Ran thru a laundry list of possible club projects as well things we need to finish: home run fence; ATV routes in/out of Exeland using Co. Rds. C & D and Hwy 48; open up some trails/routes thru the Town of Meteor; build a canoe launch on the Chippewa River; fence around the rifle range; a dock and/or raft at Windfall Lake; build/buy another set of bleachers; cover the compressors; do trim work around facilities, etc etc.

We abruptly adjourned. Apparently the President was thirsty.

Ballad by county music star Scott Ring: Oh give me a home where the Jack Rabbits roam and the Angoras have long hair and big ears

I’ll whip Jimmie’s team then swipe all their beer and laugh when they burst into tears.