Exeland Rod and Gun Club

December 11, 2015 meeting minutes of the


Decimal Dean got us rollin’ with an exciting and fun-filled financial report. His oration was awesome! Members were on the edge of their seats, hanging on his every word! What a report and what a guy! The end result was we transferred some bucks into one account or the other. I can’t remember how much – Dean’s report was so damn long I was on my 3rd beer and in the pisser by the time he finished. Bottom line is: the Trout Fest profits made us solvent for another year. Some budget items for the coming year will be a new dock at Windfall Lake, a better beer cooling system at the ball park and some new archery targets.

Had an interesting discussion 2016 Membership Dues. The $20 we currently charge no longer covers our basic expenses of utilities, insurance, maintenance, etc. Since some members have already paid their 2016 dues, we will be leaving it the same for at least one more year.

Da’ Prez said S.C.O.P.E. is again considering a $1,000 donation towards the Kids Fishing Expo. That program runs us about $3-3,500 per year and we’ll accept all the help we can get. Robert said he was researching a direct purchase from Zebro so we may be able to shave a few bucks off our costs. By the way – a certain tractor/brush hog operator promised to no longer mower down the baby pine trees the kids plant.

A review of the recently completed deer season was next on the agenda. No one jumped off their seat and hollered…..”It was the best year ever!” The general consensus was that the season plenty much sucked, just like the last two. The DNR is spouting off about slight harvest increase over last year but 2014 was the worst year ever. A little number crunching shows more than a 33% decrease vs the 5 year average and the decrease would be even greater if a 10year ave was used. We got a guy on the county deer advisory council and our members unanimously supported another year of zero quota (antlerless) tags. We may fired up our internal deer committee and publish some more news articles. On a positive note, Heath Hover won the buck contest with a dandy 8 pointer that might have scored 244& 7/8th. But it didn’t.

There was a discussion above bringing back the Wildlife Benefit night at the Buckhorn. Jim has some good ideas as to how to make a quick $2 or 3,000 in one night. We all agreed a bump in the ticket price was probably necessary due the large increase of gun prices.

Potential new projects may include (but are not limited to) Windfall Lake beach area, Rifle Range fencing, fish stocking, stream restoration, upgrading the sports center sign and better signage around the rifle range. Bring you ideas to the next meeting.

We lost our pavilion renter guy when John Deach moved out of town. He handed the reins over to Robert but Robert would need to take time off from his other jobs in order to donate his time for this duty. As a club we will need to consider paying a club member a monthly retainer to be the contact man, go-to-guy, Mr. Fix-it, keeper of the keys, etc. In the meantime we agreed to pay Robert $10 per hour whenever called.

Under new biz we: (a) donated $400 to the Exeland Fire Dept towards the purchase of a chainsaw (b) selected May 20th as the date of the Kids Fishing Expo (c) scheduled the annual Bunny Hunt for Saturday, Jan. 9th and (d) decided to have the next monthly meeting on FRIDAY,

JANUARY 8TH @ 6:30. So ended a long but productive meeting.

The End

18th Annual Rabbit Hunt

Saturday, Jan. 9th @ 8:30

Meet at the Clubhouse

$5 Entry Fee

Team Competition (max. 6 members per team)

Bring a friend – good membership recruiting tool

Lots of beer - BS – and food after the hunt

Special Notice: The tame black rabbit that lives under the porch at the Frontier Saloon is

Officially OFF-LIMITS !!

We will start accepting $20.00 dues in January. All dues should be paid by April30 to be elgible for late year 2016 club events (Hunters Ball etc).