Exeland Rod and Gun Club

October/November 2014 meeting minutes

December meeting notice

Got the October meeting rolling with Dean’s financial report. We’ve got quite a bit of money on hand but we still don’t know how much of it is ours. Dean has been begging the Trout Fest suppliers to send our final bills but they won’t. In other words, Dean is really good at collecting money but bad at spending it, a trick I wish he would teach my wife. Hopefully by the December meeting we’ll finally have an accurate accounting of the 2014 Trout Fest.

Next we voted to spend $1,200 to gravel the horseshoe loop at Swan Creek Park. The Village approved the project and next year’s parade entrants and park users will greatly appreciate not having to drive thru the mud. Good PR for our club.

Al Gerber is the chairman of the County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) for Sawyer County. He reported that committee will meet in Hayward on Oct. 14th and recommend the local DNR Game Mgr to discontinue antlerless tags for 3 years to increase the county herd size. That decision is a no-brainer, just like the chairman of the committee is a no-brainer.

We had a discussion regarding applying for a DNR grant to make improvements to our rifle range. If we received such a grant we’d have to open our range to the public for a minimum of 100 hours per year, resulting in a huge liability insurance increase. Our range is already in good condition and we’re trying to reduce expenses, not increase them, so we decided to not apply for the grant.

No meeting was scheduled for November. As in the past we’ll do the Hunters Ball instead. Limit of 48 tickets, first come – first served, members only, $50 per.

Discussed the possibility of Spring Gun Banquet. John and Ryan Villiard have generously offered their large garage as a site. More discussion on this topic at upcoming meetings.

Only 13 members present at this meeting, which really sucks. Show up next time and bring a friend!

To close out the session we discussed improvement/repairs/upgrades to the large pavilion and other structures. We’ll do those in the spring, as well as set up a mowing schedule for the Walking Trail.

The next regular meeting was scheduled for Sunday Dec 7th (Packers play Monday night).

November 7th Hunters Ball

As Eileen Veness used to write in the Exeland News – “A good time was had by all”. The only thing better than the food and prizes was all the BS.

Hi-lite of the night: Denny Kopras catching a Jack on the last card in Stud Poker to fill a straight and win a really nice .30-06.

Lo-lite of the night: some nitwit marching around the room chanting PETA! PETA!

6:30 pm December 7th Meeting Notice

Agenda Topics: CDAC /Gun Banquet/Ice Fishing outing/ Rabbit Hunt/ Elections

The best way to get elected is not show up. So show up!

Christmas Notice - wanna’ see Santa? He set up a camper in Dean’s front yard.