Exeland Rod and Gun Club

October 9, 2015


Meeting Minutes

Held the meeting on Friday evening due Sunday’s noon starting time for the Packer/St.Louis game. The plan worked well – decent attendance at the meeting and the Packers won on Sunday.

Our treasurer, Dean Johnson, requested his name be changed to “Big”. Not sure if he wanted to be called Big Dean or Big Johnson. Either way “Big”reported we’re in good financial shape and we approved moving $20,000 from the Fund Raising account to the General Fund. So we have nearly $29,000 on hand and no outstanding bills. For next year’s Trout Festival, John Deach will research purchasing a 4-wheeler now in order to catch a late season sale.

Discussed possible donations to the American Legion, Exeland Area Association and the Fire Dept (those groups help us a lot at Trout Fest). Since none of those groups are presently asking for funds we decided to handle any requests as the need arises.

Sports Scene This is the best time of year to watch sports hi-lights. Baseball play-offs, college football, Packer games and the NFL. The NBA hasn’t started yet so ESPN Sports Center isn’t featuring tall fellers dunking basketballs as 7 of the Top 10 Plays Of The Day.

We decided to pull the docks (2@ Balsam Lake and 1 @ Windfall) on Oct. 13th. The Windfall unit will need to be repaired or replaced so that one will be hauled to town. NOTE: Mission accomplished. We had plenty of manpower and equipment. The club president selected Bud & Bimbo as MVPs since they were the only ones that remembered to bring beer.

Jimmy Trout gave his report on the Hunters Ball scheduled for Friday, November 6th. All 48 tickets have been sold (if you haven’t paid for your ticket yet be sure you send your $50 to Jim (P.O. Box 35, Exeland 54835) prior to Nov. 1st). Jimmy talked about the prizes he’d bought, the set up, the food, the guns and the games. By the end of his oration his voice was louder, he was taking faster and he concluded his report by saying “I AM A GENIUS!!”. Now is the time for all club members to rally together to come to the aid of a man in need. Jim has dementia. We can help find a cure. If you would like to help, log on to www.TheFoolNeedsHelp.com.

Wisconsin Outdoor News Pretty good report in the Oct.2nd issue about Rick Villiard regarding his efforts to remove beaver dams from our area trout streams. The article called Rick “the trout messiah”. In the Oct. 16th edition of the same newspaper is an article stating that wolves are preying on more livestock than ever before. Shocking news!

Now that we have some bucks to spend, the prez asked for project ideas. Here’s a few of the suggestions: stock Balsam Lake with panfish, put in an aeration system, make improvements to the trap house and rifle range; upgrade the archery targets; re-do the “sports center” sign; construct a fence on the berm by the rifle range; and coordinate a trout stream restoration program with the DNR.

Under new business we had an interesting proposal. Jim suggested we resurrect the “Wildlife Benefit Night”. In the past that was a fun community event, plus it made a few bucks for the club and it gave us a chance to present some awards (Hall of Fame inductees & Member of the Year). A few years ago we moved it out of town, which backfired. Attendance waned, costs skyrocketed and profits plunged. It became more work than it was worth. Jim thought it could be brought back to Exeland and named two sites in town that could handle 100+ attendees – the Buckhorn Bar or Villiard’s garage. Jim suggested an alternative to doing all the work ourselves, we could hire a vendor for $1,000 to all the pre-planning, gun & prize buying, meal catering, event program, hall set up etc, etc, etc. All the club would need to provide is some help at the ticket tables. Any profit from the event (after the $1,000 vendor fee) would go to the club. Jim’s idea is an interesting concept and we’ll discuss it in detail at the December meeting. It really boils down to 3 options: (a) no banquet; (b) do it ourselves; (c) hire a vendor.

That concluded the meeting and since Denny wasn’t there to safeguard the beer fund we snitched the cash to upgrade the door prizes at the Hunters Ball. Thanks Denny!

Next Meeting

Friday, December 11th @ 6:30

FYI A new hunting bill is being introduced in Madison by a group of state assemblymen and state senators regarding changes to the current “Hunter Mentoring” rules.

Current Rule Proposed Change

Age 10 or more No minimum age requirement

1 weapon per Hunter & Mentor No limit on number of weapons

Hunter Ed. required for ages 12+ No Hunter Ed. required

So if this rule change passes, next year during the Youth Hunt plus during all other seasons I will be able to sit with my 3 year old grandson and we’ll both be able to have deer rifle. Really dumb idea!

True Story – Jimmie Trout was arguing with his wife and as usual, losing. Badly. Finally, in frustration, the Troutster blurted out, “God is an awesome Creator!” His still pissed off wife asked why he said that. Mr. Trout relied, “because He made you incredibly beautiful and at the same time made you amazingly stupid.” Mrs. Trout coolly replied, “God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me and He made me stupid so I would be attracted to you.”