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It's Time to Meet Our Queen Candidates for 2017!

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Left to right: Grace Zimmer, Hailie Granica, Layla Kisling, Jenna Clark, Emily Mleczko, Alexandra Schott, Olivia Abernathy, Marina Mansky, Tiana Meyers, Maggie Eichner, Baileigh Stacy, Holly Prochaska, not pictured Breanna Kinsley.

...& the Princesses for 2017!

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Front row left to right; River Cunningham, Ella Nelson, Aubrey Sampson, Annette Hodges;

Not pictured: Tara Richgels, Grace Chafer, Anna Hautamaki, Noah Wallace, Riley Korzenieski, Sidney Robers.

Individual Pictures and Introductions...

Hailie Granica2017 Name - Hailie Granica - First off, I would like to thank The Exeland Rod and Gun Club and my sponsor Living Faith Church for giving me this delightful opportunity. Hi, my name is Hailie Granica. I am 14 years old and I attend Bruce High School. I have lived in Exeland all of my life with my parents, Tom and Brenda Granica, my sister Alex, my 93 year old Grandma Dorothy and my frisky puppy Lucy. I am beyond excited to be a Queen contestant for the 25th Annual Exeland Trout Festival! When school is in session, I play basketball and have been on student council for three consecutive years, last year I was the president of student council. I have been on high honor roll every semester and I have placed 1st in solo ensemble. I received the American Legion Award and won in two districts the Patriot’s Pen Program. During the colder months I love to hunt deer and turkey. I also enjoy checking my Dad’s trap line for beaver and other furry critters. During the summer I enjoy fishing, swimming, shopping, watching my little sister Alex aka “The Slugger” play baseball with the Exeland Braves and spending time with my family which includes my three year old twin nieces. My path for the future will be to attend a great college. I feel led to work with children, so I am interested in becoming a NICU nurse. What made me want to do this is when my twin nieces Lillian and Vivian were born two months early. They spent 64 days in the NICU at children’s hospital in St. Paul. To see how those compassionate nurses cared for them was inspiring and life changing. As 2nd runner up last year, I was honored to represent Exeland in some events. Some of my favorites were the Lure of Lights Parade in Hayward and being a part of the Small Town Cinderella Show to raise money for our Senior Center. It is wonderful to grow up in Exeland, to know everyone’s name around you. That is why I would be honored to represent Exeland as Queen.

Baileigh Stacy2017 Baileigh Stacy - My name is Baileigh Stacy and I am 15 years old. I will be a sophomore at Birchwood High school. I live about 4 miles west of Exeland on a small hobby farm, with my sister, brother, Grandpa and Grandma. My Grandparents names are Dan and Jeanne Krieger. A very big THANK YOU to Dave Vitcenda for being my sponsor. I am involved with the Meteor Hills Bible Church and Youth Group. I have been on the girls basketball team at school. I was lucky enough to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, near Grand Marais, Minnesota for almost a week, this past month. A very exciting adventure. I really enjoy working with our farm animals and would like to continue doing this in some form, as an adult.

Marina Mansky2017 Marina Mansky - Hi my name is Marina Mansky, I am 16 years old, and attend Bruce High School. I have lived in Exeland my whole life, my parents are Kim and Duane Mansky, and my sponsor is the Exeland American Legion Auxiliary. I am involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, and SkillsUSA. I would like to become a Physical Therapist as my career in the future.

Grace Zimmer2017 Grace Zimmer - Hi, I am Grace Zimmer and I am 15 years old. I am a sophomore at Bruce High School and my parents are Mark and Tammy Zimmer.  I am proud to be sponsored by Classic Auto Collision Center in Bruce. I am on the High School Cross Country team, Girls High School Basketball team, and I've been on the Honor Roll since 6th grade. I’ve played piano for eight years and participated in the Bruce Talent Show, Solo and Ensemble, Large Group Ensemble. I am a member of the First Lutheran Church in Exeland and in the summer I help with Vacation Bible School. This summer I was hired by the Bruce Public School to help with the Summer Feeding Program. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, watching old movies, hunting, four-wheeling, camping, and training my dogs. In my future I would like to attend the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and I would like to major in English.  When I graduate college I would like to become a teacher or a writer. I want to teach others and help others learn.

Maggie Eichner2017 Maggie Eichner - - Hello,My name is Maggie Eichner, I am 17 years old. I attend the Ladysmith High School. I live in Ladysmith, WI. I am the daughter of Stacy Webb and Brian Eichner. My sponsors are Justin & Shannon Pendleton of Pendleton Lawn Service. During the summer I play summer league volleyball. Help with the Ladysmith Mardi Gras. Later in life I would like to be a doctor/EMT. .

Tiana Meyers2017 Tiana Meyers - Hello, I am Tiana Meyers, I am 16. I attend the Birchwood Virtual Academy. I live in Radisson, WI. I am the daughter of Nicole Hendricks and Terry Meyers. My sponsors are Dave and Sandy Hunt from MukLuks Bar & Grill. During my summer I volunteer all my extra time to the Salvation Army in Hayward, WI. Later on in life I would love to have my own bakery.

Olivia Abernathy Olivia Abernathy - My name is Olivia Abernathy. I am 16 years old and have lived in Exeland my entire life. This fall, I will be a junior at Ladysmith High School. My parents are Rich and Jenny Abernathy. Some of the activities I am involved in at school include: HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), volleyball, softball, concert choir, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Teen Leadership. I enjoy spending my time working at the Ladysmith Care Community caring for the elders of our community. My future plans after high school are to attend college and go on to medical school to become a family or geriatric physician. One of my biggest goals it to return to my rural community and provide care to those who live here. One of the reasons I am choosing this profession is because of my passion for service work. I was blessed to have the opportunity this past June to travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for 3 weeks to service the poverty-stricken communities and work with the local children. Lastly, I would like to thank my sponsors, Mike and Cheryl Kelley and the Ladysmith Care Community for sponsoring me in the 25th Annual Trout Fest Queen Contest.

Jenna Clark Jenna Clark - Hello! I'm Jenna Clark I am 13 years old, I'll be 14 on September 3rd. I go to Rice Lake Middle School, I'm going into 8th grade. Math is my favorite academic subject, I love the way it math makes me think. It gives me a sense of confidence. Volleyball is by far my favorite sport, I play all-around strong side. Also I am in track, I do the relays and long jump for my events. My wishes for after high school is to go to University of Minnesota, I love helping all kinds of people and I'm also good with talking and connecting with people so I want to major in Psychology and Social Work. They are almost the same majors but if I do both I can get better background on my career so I can get a better job. I want to be able to help people cope with their emotions when they lose someone close to them. This has been a process my family has dealt with.

Holly Prochaska Holly Prochaska - Hi my name is Holly Prochaska I am the daughter of Todd and Noelle Prochaska I am 13 years old I live in Exeland Wisconsin and attend Birchwood Middle School. I am not that much into sports as I am more interested in activities such as reading and drawing. I also work at Brenda’s café. I, like you, would like to know my sponsor but they are anonymous. I love to be a part of trout fest to continue the memory of a local community member, Elroy Lund.

Holly Prochaska Breanna Kinsley - Hi my name is Breanna Kinsley, I am the daughter of Shelly Tuma and Russell Kinsley. I am from Radisson and I attend Bruce High School. During the summer my hobbies consist of photography, playing basketball and along with my hobbies I have three jobs. I like to raise money and do fundraisers for childhood cancer, because it is close to my heart. During the school year I like to play sports such as Basketball and Softball. As for my future I am deciding between going to school for Law Enforcement or a Child Life Specialist.

Breanna Kinsley Layla Kisling - Hi, my name is Layla Kisling and I am 13 years old. I live in Bruce and attend Bruce Public Schools. My parents are Derek and Melissa Kisling and my sponsor is Dairyland State Bank. In school I am involved in many sports, volleyball, basketball, softball and I enjoy playing football in my free time. I really love the outdoors and enjoy fishing and hunting. My future plans are to become a forensic pathologist which focuses on determining the cause of death by examining a corpse. The education for this career is an additional 13 years, but I am determined to complete my goal.

Alexandra Schott Alexandra Schott - My name is Alexandra Jo Schott, I am the best daughter Jay and Colleen Schott have ever had (don’t tell my sisters). My sponsor is North Star Acres the greatest dairy farmers in the county. I have recently turned 16 (perfect age ever) I attend the infamous Birchwood High School while living in Exeland with my wonderful parents. Did I mention I’m their favorite? At Birchwood high school I participate in Future Business Leaders of America, Forensics (gold all the way baby), Volleyball, Softball, took one for the team four stiches later to the head, Student council and Conservation club. Upon recommendations and submitting a paper I was selected amongst my peers to go to Arizona to dig water holes for long horn sheep. During the summer I participated in summer volleyball league, I currently work at Ed’s Pit Stop ‘I love pig butts and I cannot lie’. In my spare time, which I have little of, I like spending time fishing, hunting, and spending time with my adoptive camping family. This fall I am planning on getting me the thirty point buck! After high school I plan to attend the University of Oshkosh to become a RN nurse. I knew I was meant to go somewhere in the medical field after job shadowing an OB nurse and witnessed two scheduled C-Sections.

Emily Mleczko Emily Mleczko - Hi my name is Emily Mleczko, I'm 17 years old and I'm going to be a senior at Bruce High School. I am the daughter of Chris and Amy Mleczko and we have lived in the Exeland area along with my brother and other family members for many years. During the summer I work at Lake Chippewa Campground on the Chippewa flowage in the Hayward area. Also I babysit a distant family member in the Bruce area. I also enjoy kayaking and fishing and exploring places I've never been to. During the school year I play volleyball and throw shotput and discus in track. Along with that I'm on the ice fishing team and also I'm In Skills USA. When I graduate high school I would like to go to college for Echo Cardiology because I'm super interested in that field and have been for many years. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to pursue my dream job. Along with that I would like to thank my sponsor Brenda's Village Cafe, Brad and Brenda Beise and I would also like to thank Jim and Janet Gerber for giving me this wonderful opportunity. If anyone is interested in tickets or buttons or would like ask me any questions about Trout Fest. Let me know. I hope to see you at the 25th annual Trout Fest 2017!!

Troutfest 2017

Meet the 2017 Exeland Troutfest Queen Candidates! The Exeland Rod & Gun Club is proud to have these ladies represent our area and thank them for their time and energy in making the 25th annual Troutfest the BEST EVER! Make sure to congratulate them and remember to purchase your 25th Annual Exeland Troutfest Button from them. They are also selling raffle tickets for the 4 x4 ATV and Cash Prizes.
A special thanks to their sponsors!

A very special thanks to: In Full Bloom Photography

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 25th annual Exeland Troutfest Queen Coronation will be held @ 4:30 p.m. September 2nd