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It's Time to Meet Our Queen Candidates for 2016!

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Left to right; Hailie Granica, Olivia Abernathy, Hannah Shimko, Marina Mansky, Emily Mleczko, Morgan Mansky, Destiny Ekstrom, Tiana Meyers.

...& the Princesses for 2016!

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Front row left to right; Arie Robers, Sidney Robers, Ava Peterson, Audrey Zimmerman, Celiah Hover.
Back row left to right; Ava Zimmerman, Kyra Lou Parenteau, Adalyn Hover.
Not pictured; Signey Hover, Ella Nelson, River Cunningham, Tara Richgels.

Individual Pictures and Introductions...

Marina Mansky Marina Mansky - Hi, my name is Marina Mansky I am 15 years old. I go to school at Bruce Public School, and I live in Exeland. My parents are Kim and Duane Mansky. My sponsor for Trout Fest is G1 & G2 Fuel and Food owned by Al and Nancy Gerber. This will be my 2nd year running for Test Fest Queen. I'm am involved in volleyball, basketball, and softball this school year. I would like to be more comfortable with public speaking and I hope that doing Trout Fest it will help my confidence on and off stage. I would like to become a physical therapist in the future. Finally, I would like to thank my sponsor Al and Nancy Gerber from G1 and G2 Fuel and Food for giving me this great opportunity!

Hailie Granica Hailie Granica - Hi! My name is Hailie Granica. I am 13 years old and I attend Bruce Middle School. I live in Exeland with my parents, Tom & Brenda Granica, my sister Alex, my Grandma Dorothy and our puppy, Lucy. I am so excited to be a Queen Contestant for the 24th Annual Exeland Trout Festival! My sponsor is Living Faith Church of Exeland.
When school is in session, I play basketball and have served on Student Council for the last 2 years. I also played summer basketball and in years past enjoyed playing baseball for the Exeland Bluejays and I am in band, I play the flute and have recently taken up the oboe. I am the only student in Bruce playing the Oboe. I competed in solo ensemble and have taken two first place ribbons. In the summer time, I enjoy swimming, riding bike and spending time with my family which includes my 2 year old twin nieces!
My plans after High School will be to attend college. I am interested in becoming a NICU Nurse. I became interested when my twin nieces were born 2 months early and they spent 64 days in the NICU at Children's Hospital in St. Paul. To watch the NICU Nurses care for them was heartwarming and life changing!
I love Exeland. It is where I have lived my entire life! It is a great place to grow up and I would be honored to represent Exeland as Queen.

Tiana Meyers Tiana Meyers - I am 15 years old. I attend the Birchwood Virtual Academy. I live in Radisson. My parent is Nicole Hendricks and I am sponsored by The Rock Castle Bar. This summer I have spent most of my time volunteering at the Salvation Army in Hayward WI. Later in life I would like to open my own bakery, I am not sure where quite yet but I am thinking somewhere close.

Morgan Mansky Morgan Mansky - Hi my name is Morgan Mansky and I'm 17 years old. I attend Bruce High School and will be a senior in the fall. I've been a resident of Exeland my entire life. My parents are Duane and Kim Mansky and my sponsor is the Exeland American Legion Auxiliary. I play three sports all year round which include Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. I'm a member of Skills USA and the Bruce Ice Fishing Team. I've been playing on a summer league volleyball team since elementary school with my friends. I wish to achieve my dreams of Majoring in CSI and Minoring in Forensic Science and attending UW Barron County and joining the National Guard.

Hannah Shimko Hannah Shimko - I'm 15 years old and currently attending Bruce Public School and I live in the Village of Exeland. My parents are Jeff and Amanda Shimko and my sponsor is the Dairyland State Bank . I am involved in alot of activities during the summer and in the school year I am managing basketball, volleyball and spending time with friends and my family. I would like to achieve a very successful rest of my high school years and then I am hoping to be able to go to a good college.

Katie McEathron Olivia Abernathy - Hi, my name is Olivia Abernathy, daughter of Rich and Jenny Abernathy.
I am 15 years old and live in Exeland, WI. I will be a sophomore at Ladysmith High School this fall.
I’m involved in volleyball, HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), FCA, and softball during the school year.
In the summer I babysit, do volunteer work at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Ladysmith and at the Ladysmith Care Community. In the future I hope to go to college to pursue a career in the medical field and move back to the rural area where I grew up and work.
I would like to thank the Exeland Rod and Gun Club and H&S Excavating for allowing me to run for queen at the 24 th annual Trout Festival.

Destiny Ekstrom Destiny Ekstrom - I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Destiny Eckstrom and I am 17 years old and will be a senior this year in the Bruce Public School District. My parents are Andy and Aspen Amundsen of Exeland. I am honored once again to be sponsored by North Star Acres, Jeff and Sandy Potter of Exeland.
I am running for Trout Fest queen, as in the past years running for Queen has been an experience for me to meet new people and to volunteer in the community. I have gained many friends and learned new things.
This year I attended the Sawyer County Fair and was part of the celebrity milking contest, in which myself and the reigning Trout Fest Queen participated and won first place.
During the school year I participate Basketball and Track.My accomplishments in sports have been playing on the varsity basketball team and getting a bar in track.
Throughout the summer months I helped babysit my younger siblings and help my mom around the farm, and also work part-time at Gordy's County Market. In the future I hope to become a Social Worker.

Emily Mleczko Emily Mleczko - Hi my name is Emily Mleczko. I am 16 years old and I live in Exeland and have a lived here my whole life along with my brother and my parents Chris and Amy Mleczko. I am a junior at Bruce High School.

My sponsors are Brenda's Village Cafe; Brad and Brenda Beise.
During the school year I play volleyball and I'm involved with Key Club. During the summer I work at Lake Chippewa Campground on the Flowage.
After High School I would like to go to college to become an echocardiography technician. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends also meeting new people. I hope to see many of you at Trout Fest 2016

Troutfest 2016

Meet the 2016 Exeland Troutfest Queen Candidates! The Exeland Rod & Gun Club is proud to have these ladies represent our area and thank them for their time and energy in making the 24th annual Troutfest the BEST EVER! Make sure to congratulate them and remember to purchase your 24th Annual Exeland Troutfest Button from them. They are also selling raffle tickets for the 4 x4 ATV and YETI COOLER and Deluxe Fishing Package.
A special thanks to their sponsors!

A very special thanks to: In Full Bloom Photography

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 24th annual Exeland Troutfest Queen Coronation will be held @ 4:30 p.m. September 3rd