Exeland Rod and Gun Club

It's Time to Meet Our Queen Candidates for 2015!

(Back row left to right)Lacey Martin, Emily Mleczko, Hannah Shimko, Marina Mansky, Morgan Mansky
(front row left to right) Olivia Abnerathy, Destiny Eckstrom, Tiana Meyers

...& the Princesses for 2015!

Need Princess Picture
(Front row left to right) Celian Hover, Signey Hover, Sidney Robers, Nevaeh Biano, Annalee Brier, Bree Rademaker
(Back row left to right) Adalyn Hover, Arie Robers, Ella Gerber, Kearah Warner-Balczewski, Elaina Brier, Krysta Knop, Grace Chafer, not pictured, Allyshia Dillivan

Individual Pictures and Introductions...

Aeris Knop Hannah Shimko - Hi my name is Hannah Shimko I am 14 years old, I will be a freshman at Bruce High School. I chose to run for Trout Fest Queen because I have lived in Exeland most if my life and I have watched the past Queens and all the fun they have, so this year I thought I would give it a try. My parents are Jeff and Amanda Shimko and my sponsor is North Star Acres . I am involved in sports at school and I like helping in Church activities such as the Exeland Vacation Bible School and I also help out with the Exeland Easter Egg Hunt . Some things I enjoy doing on my free time is four wheeling , swimming and spending time with my friends and family . Two major things I would love to achieve in my path to the future is to get to play varsity volleyball and I want to get into a good college to become a doctor.

Kari Mattmiller Emily Mleczko - My name is Emily Mleczko. I am 15 years old and I live in Exeland, WI. I am a sophomore at Bruce High School. I am the daughter of Chris and Amy Mleczko and my sponsors are Brenda's Cafe and Brad and Brenda Beise. During the school year I play volleyball and softball and am involved in Key Club. In the summer I am a crew leader at bible school at First Lutheran Church. I enjoy spending time with friends and family camping, swimming, fishing, and hunting. In my future, I would like to either become a nurse or go into a branch of the military or maybe both. I hope to see you all at the 2015 Exeland Trout Fest!

Lacey Martin Lacey Martin - Sponsored by Suzan Logging (Al Suzan). I chose to run for Trout Fest Queen because it helps me gain confidence in myself and allows me to meet new people. I have been a resident of the Ojibwa area my whole life. I am the daughter of Todd and Sissy Martin. I will be a junior at Winter High School and I am 16 years old. In school I am involved in many activities. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I am also involved in NHS (National Honor Society) and Skills USA. During the summer I work at Treeland Resorts. I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family and friends. Going hunting and fishing are two of my favorite things to do with my family. One of my greatest achievements so far is making All Conference for basketball and softball. In the future I plan on going to college and pursuing a career in the medical field to be a Neonatal nurse.

 Destiny Ekstrom Destiny Ekstrom - I would like to introduce myself, my name is Destiny Ekstrom, I am 16 years old and I will be entering my junior year at Bruce High School. My parents are Andy and Aspen Amundson of Exeland and Frankie and Katie Ekstrom of Wausau. I am proudly sponsored by North Star Acres owned by Jeff and Sandie Potter. I transferred to the Bruce School District this year and have enjoyed meeting and making new friends. I have participated in volleyball, basketball and track. Each of these sports have challenged me in different ways and I love what I have learned from working as part of a team. During the Summer months I enjoy helping my Mother on the farm and watching my younger siblings. It was fun attending basketball camp this Summer. My accomplishment for this year has been getting my permit and learning the responsibility of having a drivers license. I am interested in photography and anxious to learn more about this field. After graduation I plan on attending the Wausau Cosmetology School.

Photo Not Available Olivia Abernathy - Hi. My name is Olivia Abernathy. I’m the daughter of Rich and Jenny Abernathy. I live in Exeland on a small hobby farm with my parents and two siblings, Brianna and Isaiah. I’m 14 years old and will be starting my freshman year at Ladysmith High School. I would like to thank my sponsor, H&S Excavating, for allowing me to represent them and for all they do in the community. I am/was involved in many activities during the summer. I’m currently a volunteer at the Ladysmith Care Community. I’m very involved with my church. I have helped them with dinners and fundraisers. We have a group of the high school students, including myself, who will be attending the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis this November. We have been raising money for that all summer. During the school year I’m in many extracurricular activities including: Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. In addition, my family has been a part of the Pregnancy Resource Center and the Pro-Life Campaign for many years and this year my sister and I decided to get involved by volunteering there after school. It’s has been an amazing opportunity that I get to be a part of.After I finish high school I plan on going to college to pursue one of my biggest goals of being a family physician in a rural community. I have always had a fascination with the medical field and it got me thinking about how I can help people to live a happy, healthy life. I set my goals very high because through God’s will I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Katie McEathron Marina Mansky - Hello everyone, My name is Marina Mansky, I am 14 years old and attend Bruce Public School. I have been an Exeland resident all my life, with my brother, sister, and parents Duane and Kim Mansky. My sponsor is G1 & G2; Fuel & Food, owners Al and Nancy Gerber. The activities that I am involved in are volleyball, basketball, and softball. My future goal is to become a successful physical therapist.

Meghan Ayers Tiana Meyers - Hello, I am Tiana Meyers, I am 14. I go to Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School. I live in Radisson,WI. My parents are Nicole Hendricks and Terry Meyers. My sponsor is the Riverside Golf Course in Couderay, WI. Some activities I enjoy doing include Choir, Fourwheeling, and Fishing. In the future I would like to see myself owning my own Bakery.

Morgan Mansky Morgan Mansky - Hi, my name is Morgan Mansky, I' am 16 years old. I will be a junior at Bruce High School in the fall. I live in Exeland, WI. My parents are Duane and Kim Mansky and I'm being sponsored by the Exeland American Legion Auxiliary. I' am Vice President of Skills USA, a member of the Bruce ice fishing team, and I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I would like to enlist into the Air National Guard while attending college to become an MRI Technician.
CatilynDillivan Catilyn Dillivan - My name is Caitlyn Dillivan. I am thirteen years old and I go to Birchwood School. My Mother's name is Jessica Dillivan and our home is in Exeland. I am sponsored by the Dairyland State Bank and I am grateful they are giving me this opportunity to be in the Exeland Trout Fest Queen Contest. During the school year, I enjoy playing soccer and in the Summer I like to play softball. I would eventually like to be involved in a gymnastics program.

Troutfest 2015

Meet the 2015 Exeland Troutfest Queen Candidates! The Exeland Rod & Gun Club is proud to have these ladies represent our area and thank them for their time and energy in making the 23rd annual Troutfest the BEST EVER! Make sure to congratulate them and remember to purchase your 23rd Annual Exeland Troutfest Button from them. They are also selling raffle tickets for the 4 x4 ATV and Crossbow and Deer Stand.
A special thanks to their sponsors!

A very special thanks to: In Full Bloom Photography

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 23rd annual Exeland Troutfest Queen Coronation will be held @ 4:30 p.m. September 5th