Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Latest Minutes posted: 2/18/2018

The Exeland Rod and Gun Club (~130 members) is a local community organization of outdoor enthusiasts and civic minded individuals from the Exeland Wisconsin area.


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The Exeland Rod & Gun Club held their annual Hunter’s Ball on Friday, November 3, at their clubhouse. Fifty members attended the Club’s most fun event of the year. Al Gerber, club president, said, “This is our way of celebrating another successful year by the organization and to reward the members for all of the hard work they have done over the past 12 months.”

Gun winners at the banquet were: Dean Johnson (Exeland), Pete Severin (Cameron), Bill Sly (Birchwood), Denny Kopras (Exeland), Ed Aspseter (Weyerhaeuser), Jim Gerber (Exeland), Bud Waite (Eau Claire), Al Gerber (Exeland), Brant Waite (Cameron), Curt Gerber (Hayward),

On Saturday, November 1, the Club invited 10 middle school/high school boys to a youth pheasant shoot at the J & B Hunt Club in Bruce. Nine of the invitees were able to attend the event and the group shot well and downed 14 of the 20 pheasants that were released on the hunting grounds. The kids attending the event were: McCoy Mansky, Drew & Kurt Chafer, Jake Thome, Ashtyn Waite, Justin Gordon, Danny, Chris and Kevin Brockman.

Event coordinator, Jim Gerber, commented, “This was an event sponsored by the R & G Club. We purchased the pheasants and provided all of the ammo plus the guns if needed. We invited youngsters who helped out with the Club during the year or have a parent who is a member. It was a tremendous day and a memory I’m sure all of the kids will never forget. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do something like this again next year.”

The Club’s “Big Buck Contest” for the 9-day gun deer season ended in a three-way tie. This year’s winners with all dandy bucks were: Jack Weisser (Exeland), Mike Granica (Exeland) and Kris Daniels (Twin Cities). Congrats guys on some nice bucks.

The Club discussed the recent deer season and most agreed the hunt was better than the past few years. However, the Club will be questioning the DNR about some recent changes in the structure of the annual hunt. One item in particular that they will be seeking a change is the new ruling allowing kids of all ages to hunt. Babies being legal to carry guns in the woods isn’t a smart thing.

The Club has offered help, financial or manpower, to the Exeland-Radisson ATV Club to finish the atv trail from Weirgor into Exeland. Gene Cutria, a member of both organizations said, “Some good people have done a lot of work to get this job finished. It surely will be a great thing for Exeland. Once we get it open I know it’ll be used a lot.

The Club’s annual rabbit hunt will be on Saturday, January 13th. All participants are to meet at the clubhouse by 8:30 a.m. This is a member’s only event. You can either start a team (maximum of 6) or call around to existing teams to see if you can join one of them.

The reigning champs are the Murry Bear Sissies team consisting of members Scott Ring, Larry Sander and two or three other local bums. Event coordinator Al Gerber said, “Last year Ring’s bums won the contest but they did have three very suspicious looking rabbits in the back of their pickup. We had the National Rabbit Investigators check it out but they said all of the kills were legal. We had no choice but to accept the decision and award the championship to this somewhat sneaky bunch.” If you happen to hear a few shots around town that day it’s only some very aggressive hunters after an elusive bunny.

At the monthly meeting in December the Club began planning their calendar of events for 2018. They have a lot of ideas in the works for the upcoming year to help the community and area hunting & fishing.

The Club would like to welcome new members Steve Rousle and Steve Schoepke who joined at the December monthly meeting. Both of them have recently retired, moved from the southeastern part to reside in the hills west of Exeland. Thank you for joining the Exeland Rod & Gun Club!

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: 2018 annual dues can be paid now.

If you would like to join the Exeland Rod & Gun you can send $20 to: EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB – PO Box 92 – Exeland, WI 54835. We’re always looking for new members.


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January 7 (5 a.m.) to May 5

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May 6 (5 a.m.) to Oct. 15

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May 6 to March 4, 2018

Largemouth bass northern zone
May 6 to March 4, 2018

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June 3-4, 2017 (summer)
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