Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Latest Minutes posted: 5/18/2018

The Exeland Rod and Gun Club (~130 members) is a local community organization of outdoor enthusiasts and civic minded individuals from the Exeland Wisconsin area.


Next meeting will be June 10th  @ 6:30

We will continue to send newsletters and notices electronically to those with email addresses. (It really saves $$$)
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The Rod & Gun Club recently made a nice donation the Bruce High School Ice Fishing team.

A Trapper Education Class will be hosted by the Club. If you want to become a trapper this course is required. Sign-up and details of the course will be announced at a later date. It appears the course will be held sometime in June at the clubhouse.

The Club held their annual rabbit hunt contest in mid-January and a new team champion was crowned. The Swan Creek Softies knocked off the reigning champions, the Murry Bear Sissies, getting one more rabbit and edging them 15 - 14. Overall, the 5 teams and 25 hunters blasted 45 bunnies. Al Gerber, member of the winning team, said, “I think I saw a few tears from the Bear Sissies boys after their devastating loss.”

Paul Lelinski of Milwaukee and of the famed Cary Camper deer hunting crew was the overall winner at the Club's annual ice fishing contest held on Windfall Lake in mid-February. Lelinski caught the biggest fish (a trophy northern) and also won the crappie class. Lelisnki (who joined the club that day) said, “I drove five hours north just to show the northern boys how to fish.”

The Club was honored to have Lowell Teske as a guest speaker at their March 18 meeting. Teske is in charge of the Wisconsin elk program and gave a very good and interesting talk. This year Wisconsin will have their first elk hunt since being reintroduced three decades ago. Let's hope the success and continued growth of this big game animal continues.

The Club is now preparing for their annual Kid's Fishing Expo to be held at the Sports Center in May for 4th graders from five local schools.

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: If you haven't paid your dues, get them in now!

If you would like to join the Exeland Rod & Gun you can send $20 to: EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB -PO Box 92 -Exeland, WI 54835. We're always looking for new members.

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2017-2018 fishing seasons

(dates inclusive)

Early inland trout (catch and release)
January 7 (5 a.m.) to May 5

General inland trout
May 6 (5 a.m.) to Oct. 15

General inland fishing
May 6 to March 4, 2018

Largemouth bass northern zone
May 6 to March 4, 2018

Smallmouth bass northern zone catch and release
May 6 to June 16

Smallmouth bass northern zone harvest
June 17 to March 4, 2018

Large and smallmouth bass southern zone
May 6 to March 4, 2018

Musky - northern zone
May 27 to Nov. 30

Musky - southern zone
May 6 to Dec. 31

Northern pike
May 6 to March 4, 2018

May 6 to March 4, 2018

Lake sturgeon
Sept. 2 to Sept. 30 (hook-and-line)

Free fishing weekends
June 3-4, 2017 (summer)
January 20-21, 2018 (winter)

Opening day for Wisconsin fishing is traditionally the first Saturday in May. Hook and line fishing for many fish species on many Wisconsin waters begins on that day. However, to better manage Wisconsin fisheries, season dates are often specific to the species of fish as well as the water body.