Exeland Rod and Gun Club

Latest Minutes posted: 7/9/2017

The Exeland Rod and Gun Club (~130 members) is a local community organization of outdoor enthusiasts and civic minded individuals from the Exeland Wisconsin area.


Next meeting will be December 10th (subject to change)  @ 6:30

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Over Labor Day weekend the Exeland Rod & Gun Club held the 25th Annual Trout Fest. Jim Gerber, chairman of the event commented, “This year we wanted to make this the most special fest of all. Mission accomplished!! It was one of the best attended Trout Fests ever. I know our Club did very well and I’m sure all the businesses and organizations had a good weekend financially. It’s a great event and club members worked their butts off to make it huge success. Thank you to everyone around who attended the event or bought raffle tickets to support us. It definitely will help us in continuing to promote outdoor recreation in the area and do things for our community.”

Some of the results and winners from the Trout Fest: CASH RAFFLE: $4,000 – Halo Earnhart (Marshfield); $2,000 – Brad & Brenda Beise (Exeland); $1,000 – Chris Veness (Exeland). There were thirteen $200 winners.

ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE: $1,000 – Lois Gerber (Exeland); $500 – Dan Dziekan (Exeland); $200 – Bill Sly (Birchwood); $200 – Tom Baxter (Eau Claire); $100 – Chuck Lynk (Exeland).

4-WHEELER: Shawn Anderson

RIFLE RAFFLE – Todd Stewart (Eau Claire)

QUEEN CONTEST: Queen – Tiana Myers; 1st Runnerup – Olivia Abernathy; 2nd Runnerup – Hallie Granica; 3rd Runnerup – Marina Mansky; Miss Congeniality – Alexandra Schott; Miss Photogenic – Hallie Granica; Ticket Sales – Tiana Myers; Special note: Tiana sold $3,128 tickets & buttons and as a group the girls combined to sell an astounding $12,132 worth.

BEAN BAGS: 1st place - Craig and Teresa Kinder (Exeland)

SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT: 1st place – Roach team (Bruce)

No doubt one of the highlights of the Trout Fest was having 19 of the past 25 queens return for the event. It was a very classy Queen Contest. A huge thank you to all of the past queens who returned for the day and made this such a special moment!

The Club would like to give a big thank you to: Northwest Sanitary (Exeland) for donating the porta-potties for the Trout Fest. Also, thank you to Winco Services (Ojibwa) for donating their labor to install the new coolers at the Sports Center.

Before the Trout Fest the Club tore down the old Sports Center sign and replaced it with a new one. They are now putting the finishing touches to the project by putting red rock around the base of the sign. The new sign definitely adds a touch of class at the gateway of Elm Park Drive as you head toward the Sports Center.

Now that fall has arrived the Club has removed the three docks from Balsam Lake.

Several members have taken turns keeping the Nature Trail mowed this summer. The trail is open all year around and we invite all of the public to use it. If you have never walked it you are missing out on one of the gems of the community. The 1.5 mile trail is a peaceful place to take a walk and relax.

The Club will now be busy preparing for their annual Hunter’s Ball held at the clubhouse in November. President Al Gerber said, “This is an important event for us. It’s for club members only. It’s our end of the year event to relax, have fun and enjoy all of the accomplishments we’ve made during the past year. It’s our reward program for guys who have given so much back to the community and area. It’s a great night and is one of the things that help all of us feel appreciated for what we do.”

If anyone would like to join the Exeland Rod & Gun you can send $20 to: EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB – PO Box 92 – Exeland, WI 54835. We’re always looking for new members!!

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